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There's no roadmap that comes with being sensitive.

As a child, you felt things so deeply.
You were probably told by adults or peers that you were "too sensitive" or too something - too passionate, too loud, too emotional, too weird.
You often retreated into worlds inside your own imagination and spent time reading, creating, and writing.
(I bet you wrote at least one poem at some point. I did, too!)
You felt separate or different from your family of origin or group of friends, sometimes both.

In your teenage years, you became a seeker.
You wondered why you're here, what life means, if there was something bigger than yourself you could connect to.
You wondered if other people out there felt things as deeply and could relate to your experience.
You wondered, "where do I belong?"

Now, as an adult, you're still searching.
Searching for a way to fully embrace your sensitivity.
Searching for a way to BE in the world without getting overwhelmed or overloaded.
Searching for a deeper sense of self-acceptance within yourself.
Searching for a way to heal the shame or unworthiness you've felt for being sensitive.
Searching for belonging - in your body, in the world - so you can feel powerfully present wherever you are.

As a highly sensitive introvert, I've walked this journey too. I know how we can get you from shame to belonging, from overwhelmed to empowered, from "too sensitive" to the badass highly sensitive goddess the world needs you to be.

I would be privileged to walk this path with you.

Be still and know

Let's work together to move from overwhelm to empowerment and to reclaim your sensitivity as a Divine Gift.


Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your Divine Purpose in this lifetime and how you can express it. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the causes of issues in your current lifetime.


Intuitive Healing for Highly Sensitive Women

Being highly sensitive in our non-sensitive world can feel like being a raw nerve. My sessions for highly sensitive women are focused on healing chronic overstimulation and sensory overload, healing your sensitive inner child, implementing tools to protect your energy + space, and healing feelings of not belonging and shame about your high sensitivity.


Sacred Soul Work Reading

In this powerful 75-minute reading, we'll combine the Akashic Records + the Tarot to identify your Sacred Soul Work, which is the work you're meant to do in this lifetime. Aligning with your Sacred Soul Work can open doorways to new opportunities, meaningful work, greater fulfillment with your life, and increased abundance.

Kind words from clients & students

Recent Posts

past lives

The Healing Power of Understanding Your Past Lives

By Josephine Hardman | December 9, 2019

This isn’t your first lifetime — you’ve had many past lives. With the rare exception of people who come into this lifetime as brand new souls, we’ve all experienced many past lifetimes. Generally speaking, your Soul makes the conscious choice to enter into each lifetime to learn specific life lessons, release old karma, and evolve […]

highly sensitive person

The Highly Sensitive Person’s Holiday Survival Guide

By Josephine Hardman | November 29, 2019

Surviving the holidays isn’t always easy. Indeed, the holidays can bring up feelings of grief, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, stress, missing someone who’s no longer here, or wishing things were different in your life. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a major change during the holiday season – such as a divorce, moving to […]

soul purpose

What Is Your Soul Purpose In This Lifetime?

By Josephine Hardman | October 27, 2019

“What is my life purpose?” “What is my soul purpose in this lifetime?” “What am I meant to do here?” These are some of the frequent questions I hear from clients and students. We all have a deep desire to figure out our why: why we’re here, why our souls incarnated in this lifetime, why […]

Instagram post 2198044716344084258_3611525989 The Middle English roots of the word “author” remind us that it means “someone who invents or causes something.” In other words, a Creator — which is what you are, given your divine nature. In this lifetime, it’s not enough for you to play a limited role based on someone else’s expectations. To allow others to write the script of what you say, do, and choose in your life. To contort yourself to adapt to what others want from you — which is not only soul-killing but also physically painful!
Over and over in readings with clients, the Akashic Records remind us that we must reclaim our Authorship over our own stories. HOW do you write your story? WHAT do you write? What role do you give yourself? Do you resonate with the story of the fool, or the hermit, or the high priestess, or the reluctant hero/heroine? As we start a new year, consider the aspects of your story you want to shed and leave behind. And also reflect on the parts of your story that haven’t been written yet but that you’d like move into in 2020.
You’re holding the pen and you have the power to write your reality into existence. Wield that power with great courage, faith, and responsibility! ✍️ 💪✨
#spiritualquotes #healing #healingpath #authorship #writingyourstory #akashicrecords #creativepower #divinecreator #purefield #intuitivehealing #consciouscreation #pastlifereadings #cocreation #manifestyourreality
Instagram post 2195203072028717779_3611525989 The holidays can be a stressful, overwhelming, and anxiety-producing time for your sensitive inner child. There might be painful or difficult memories that resurface. Or the grief of having lost someone with whom you used to share the holidays. Or the nostalgia for holidays of the past. It can also be highly stimulating to the sensitive inner child when you attend lots of holiday gatherings, host people at your home (or stay at someone else’s house), and just generally navigate the social and family expectations that go hand in hand with the holidays.
So, make sure to spend extra time doing the things that soothe, support, and nourish your inner child. This is the “season of giving” — but don’t forget to also receive and to extend the gifts of kindness, compassion, and caring to yourself. 💜
If you need more help working with and healing your sensitive inner child, we’ll spend an entire module on this in The Powerfully Sensitive Program. Program details and early bird enrollment can be found via the link in my bio. 
#highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #hsp #sensitivity #empathsofinstagram #empathy #sensitiveinnerchild #innerchildhealing #innerchildwork #sensoryprocessingsensitivity #healingpath #purefield #intuitivehealing #holidaysurvivalguide
Instagram post 2194552788763964522_3611525989 Hi friends! I wanted to post one of the amazing embroidered creations by my talented sis-in-law Lindsay of @sewgrool ✨
I got this as an early Xmas gift and I love it so much!! Can anyone guess what movie this scene is from? (There’s no official prize for guessing correctly but I will love you forever if you know what movie this is!)
Wishing you a happy Sunday and I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season, which is fully upon us. (Insane!) #embroidery #purefield #healingpath #spiritualcommunity #artsandcrafts #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #intuitivehealing #energyhealing #meditation #movieembroidery #raiseyourfrequency
Instagram post 2193114972209095400_3611525989 ✨Honesty/vulnerability time✨
Hey, friends! Have you ever experienced the pain of a promising door slamming in your face? Of hearing a NO when you wanted to hear YES? Of thinking something would manifest, but then it fell through? Gaaah, the pain of disappointment! I’m having to sit in this pain today, as a door I was pretty excited about was just closed. (This would’ve been a chance for a fruitful collaboration/learning experience). What do we do with this uncomfortable feeling?? To me, when a door closes, it often ends up feeling like the Universe is redirecting me. Or saying, “not so fast there!” Or, “you’re meant for something bigger than that.” Or, “this situation would’ve made you fall back into old patterns, and HELL NO, we’re not letting you do that.” 😂 So it takes a bit of adjusting, maybe a few hours/days of grieving, but then we gotta get back on the metaphorical horse and keep going. Keep refining our alignment. Keep reflecting on what we REALLY want (not what’s easiest or most familiar or comfy or convenient). If you’re sitting with the pain of disappointment about something right now, you’re not alone and this too shall pass! We’ll get over it. We’ll create something so much better. 💪 
#healing #healingpath #disappointment #intuitivehealing #energyhealing #highlysensitiveperson #hsp #empathsofinstagram #whenadoorcloses #alignment #lettinggo #tarotreadersofinstagram #meditatorsofinstagram #spiritualcommunity #tarotcommunity #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #soulpath
Instagram post 2191534387577732152_3611525989 Can you relate to this? As an HSP or empath, it can sometimes feel as though you’re living without skin. A sound can pierce you. A sudden movement can make your heart jump into your throat. An unexpected change of plans can turn you into a blubbering mess (I’ve actually cried in the past due to sudden changes in my schedule lol). Someone else’s anger or intense emotion can feel like a stab in your stomach or chest. Living as an HSP is an intense experience. It’s almost like an extreme sport! ✨
BUT there is also a way (in fact, many ways) to live happily, powerfully, joyfully, and peacefully as a highly sensitive person. A way to navigate the world without constant overwhelm or having to use counterproductive coping strategies (like hiding away, retreating from the world, overeating to numb your emotions, trying to FIX yourself, or giving away your power). ✨
I designed The Powerfully Sensitive Program specifically for empaths + HSPs to heal chronic overstimulation, learn supportive self-care practices and energetic tools for protection, heal the sensitive inner child, and shift from overwhelm to empowerment (among many other things). We start February 1st, and early bird enrollment is now OPEN. You can register through the link in my bio, and please feel free to DM me with any questions. I’d love to work together! 💜
#highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #hsp #sensitivity #highsensitivity #healingpath #spiritualcommunity #spiritualhealing #intuitivehealing #onlineprogram #empathsofinstagram #empathy #healingprogram #powerfullysensitive
Instagram post 2188695669116309252_3611525989 Day 29 of my #tarotstorytellingnov challenge. How can I stay connected to and express my truth?
Again working with the Supra Oracle deck, I pulled MAGIC. How perfect is that! (Also, we’re starting to get into the holiday spirit at home so don’t mind the early decorations lol). Magic is a card of staying connected to my inner magician and inner witch. Of not suppressing those aspects of myself for anyone, under any circumstances. The truth of myself is that I AM a magical being (just like you, my friend) and this must be expressed in all aspects of the word.
THANK YOU so much to everyone who participated in the challenge thoughtfully! I enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to connecting again in January with a brand new challenge for 2020. Wishing you a peaceful & warm holiday season!
#healingpath #supraoracle #supraoracledeck #tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #purefield #instagramchallenge #consciousness #spiritualcommunity
Instagram post 2186495975996803928_3611525989 Day 27 of my #tarotstorytellingnov challenge. What story am I moving into next year? I pulled THE HIDDEN from the Supra Oracle deck. Sans guidebook, I’m reading this from a purely intuitive level. In a way, I’m moving into many new unknowns next year — with my Powerfully Sensitive Program, with potentially another new course on the Akashic Records, and also feeling drawn to move into broader work rather than mostly individual readings. It’s scary to change things up or even consider the question: “what does my Soul long for now?” (The answer might be something that challenges us to transform many areas of our lives!) So, with this card, I feel that my Guides are showing me the necessary info I need along the way, at precisely the right time — but never AHEAD of time. A lot remains hidden about my story next year. But that’s ok, because I’m not meant to see it yet. Once I am, it will be revealed.
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #instagramchallenge #supraoracle #uusi #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #spiritualcommunity #intuition #intuitivehealing #healingpath #highlysensitiveperson #hsp #empathsofinstagram #newpath
Instagram post 2182924694256964136_3611525989 December is my birth month so I got myself a gift ahead of time 😂 I’m so excited to work with the Supra Oracle deck by @uusidesignstudio who are the creators of the unparalleled Pagan Otherworlds Tarot! ✨
To get to know this deck a bit, I pulled two cards asking about the general/collective energy right now. I pulled the “black rectangle” card (not sure what else to call it since there’s no guidebook) and the Mysticism card. There’s a hand reaching upwards on each card, so there’s a message here about what we’ve been “reaching for” (our dreams, desires, aspirations). It feels to me as though there’s a breakthrough right around the corner about something you’ve been working through or trying to figure out. This thing (whatever it is) has felt to you like walking around in the dark, with no map or blueprint. You’ve been asked by the Universe to surrender all control and LEAP into that black shape on the left — which represents the unknown and unfamiliar. Pure possibility and potential. The good thing is, though, you DO ultimately have a map: your inner compass. This compass guides your travels and adventures in this lifetime, represented by the card on the right. You have an INNER sight that allows you to see the way and carve out a path even when it feels like you’re in total darkness. 🕯 
#supraoracle #supraoraclebyuusi #uusi #oracledecks #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #divination #cartomancy #healingpath #jung #collectiveunconscious #psychoanalysis #purefield #energyhealing
Instagram post 2178708531171851915_3611525989 The issue of boundaries never gets old... learning how to set & enforce clear boundaries is indeed a lifelong lesson! 🤓 I was just called to share this quick prayer for clear boundaries, which you can use to connect with your Guides to discern when a stronger boundary is needed. It’s also important not to build SO many boundaries that we end up confining ourselves and making our worlds really small. Flexible boundaries that can get stronger or looser based on the situation (or the person) are ideal. But, of course, to enforce boundaries you must feel WORTHY first. Worthy of being respected. Worthy of having your needs met. Worthy of expressing what works for you and what doesn’t. This is why boundaries are a recurring issue — they let you know how you’re doing in terms of worthiness. I invite you to use this prayer daily for the next week and see if anything shifts! 💜✨
#boundaries #spiritualawakening #intuitivehealing #spiritualcommunity #settingboundaries #relationshiphealing #spiritualguidance #spiritualprayer #healingprayer #akashicrecords #tarotcommunityofinstagram #healingpath #innerwork
Instagram post 2175737707745952845_3611525989 Aaah, the age-old battle between your GENIUS and your RESISTANCE! Your genius wants to be fully expressed, embodied, and actualized so it can contribute to the world. Your resistance wants you to not look stupid. Period. That’s all it wants! So, when expressing your genius opens you up to the possibility of rejection or of making a “mistake”, the resistance distracts you into doing something else. Something non-necessary, self-sabotaging, or pleasant in the moment but with negative consequences (like eating a whole cake). Do not underestimate the resistance, and ask your Guides to clear it out! 💪✨
#clearyourresistance #geniuswithinyou #resistance #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #healingpath #spiritualhealing #energyhealing #akashicrecords #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #selfdevelopment #innerwork #couragetostandout #raiseyourfrequency
Instagram post 2174942834197427713_3611525989 Day 11 of my #tarotstorytellingnov challenge. What did I learn about the world as a teenager? 10 of Swords, YIKES! But this is accurate. I learned to be scared of the world as a teenager. I learned that not everyone will always look out for you or have good, clear intentions. I learned many of the fears that I’ve had to UNLEARN as an adult (especially the fear that the world is a dangerous place). Now, I know that the world is a BEAUTIFUL, COMPLEX place where an infinite range of experiences are possible. And now, as an adult, I’ve developed the courage to carve out my own path and express myself authentically (thanks, in part, to Brene Brown’s work!). #tarotchallenge #bianconerotarot #divinationchallenge #instagramchallenge #brenebrown #adolescence #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #highsensitivity #highlysensitiveperson #storytelling #healingpath #spiritualguidance
Instagram post 2172111498449318602_3611525989 Day 7 of my #tarotstorytellingnov challenge. What influenced me deeply growing up?
I pulled THE MAGICIAN from the #bianconerotarot and it makes perfect sense. I was deeply influenced by MAGIC! By the idea of doing magic, being a magician/witch, bending reality, and living a life full of intention, passion, fire, and self-actualization. (I’m still deeply influenced by this.) I was also deeply influenced by the people around me who embodied the role of magician in their lives by living with purpose and courage and magic — including my parents, a few teachers along the way, and creators of magical worlds like Bjork (first magician who came to mind!) and Paul Thomas Anderson and Kubrick and Bach and Tori Amos and Maynard James Keenan and Beckett and Duchamp and Carol Ann Duffy. Just a random assortment of the geniuses who influenced me growing up! Who blew *your* mind when you were growing up?
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #britishpoets #tarotmagician #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #healingpath #spiritualawakening #intuitivehealing #energywork #hsp #highsensitivity #akashicrecords #spiritualhealing

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