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Hi, I'm Josephine. I'm an intuitive healer and Akashic Records reader + teacher. I'm here to walk with you on your healing journey.

intuitive healer

There's an essential part of you that needed to be seen + heard earlier in your life.

This part is your Divine Essence - the real, unfiltered expression of You.
This part is connected to your sensitivity, your intuition, your inner knowing.

But this part of you was not properly seen, heard, or allowed its full expression.
Perhaps you were told by adults, teachers, or peers that this part was too much - too sensitive, too passionate, too loud, too eager, too weird.

When we're criticized, judged, or mocked for expressing an authentic aspect of ourselves - especially as children - a painful well of shame is activated within.
This shame becomes a constant companion, even into adulthood.
We try to avoid experiencing this shame at all costs, so we become hypervigilant.
Vigilant that we might make a mistake, or become vulnerable, or open ourselves up to rejection, or say something stupid.

So, at some point in your life, you shut down this essential aspect of yourself.
You "put a lid on it."
Stuck it in a closet.
Learned how to be less - less sensitive, less passionate, less loud, less weird, less eager.
Less present.
Basically, you shut down your Divine Essence, which is also the source of your Divine Purpose and your power to create what you want.

When you shut down this Divine Essence, the ego and small mind take over.
The more you live out of small-mindedness about who you are, the more concerned you are with others' perceptions of you.
The more you obsess about what you say and how you say it.
The more you hold back and try to blend in.
The more you allow emotions like shame, unworthiness, and fear to dominate your life.

As a highly sensitive empath, I've been there too - stuck in the cycle of unworthiness.
Totally overcome by fear and shame.
Constantly trying to prove my worth by DOING and meeting others' expectations (real or imagined).
Constantly looking for external validation to feel ok about myself.

This pattern of shameful hiding is so painful, on all levels: emotional, spiritual, mental, even physical.
It keeps you chronically stressed and on edge.
It's so draining to not express who you are - or to worry that you're not good enough.

And the world actually needs you to express your Divine Essence, which carries the seed of the Divine Work you're meant to do here - whether that's being of service (from an empowered place), creating, leading, facilitating others' healing, or contributing in your own irreplaceable way.

There's a way to heal the shame and fear.
To reclaim a powerful sense of worthiness.
To rewire your system so you can shift from survival mode (ego) to creative mode (Higher Self).
To reignite your Divine Essence and allow it its full expression, finally.
To reconnect to your authentic nature as a sensitive, intuitive, passionate being.
To give yourself unconditional permission to speak up and show up.
To discover your Divine Purpose and express it in all areas of your life.

I know you're ready to embody your Divine Essence because you're here right now, and there are no coincidences in this intentional universe.

I would be privileged to walk this path with you.

Be still and know

Let's work together to uncover deeper meaning in your life, slow down, and reconnect you to your inner knowing.


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your Divine Purpose in this lifetime and how you can express it. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the causes of issues in your current lifetime.


Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing & coaching session can help you move to a higher level of consciousness and vibration, unwind patterns and beliefs you're carrying from the past, and heal shame, unworthiness, fear, and other low-frequency emotions. I bring my expertise in energy work to support your healing on all levels: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and energetic.

Kind words from clients & students

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The short answer: anyone can access the Akashic Records. Training and practice are required, of course, but the Akashic Records are a universal archive of information about the journey of every Soul — this means that they aren’t an “exclusive” modality. You have the divine right to work with them, if you so choose. The […]

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How to Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Move Beyond External Validation

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Instagram post 2131979178166076056_3611525989 Early morning post, as I sit on my living room floor at 6:39 AM and bask in the freedom and abundance of my first day as a US citizen! 🇺🇸 I rarely share this part of my journey, but my parents and I came to the US 14 years ago and it’s been a loooooong process to get here. My parents became citizens in 2014 but I was already over 21 so I was excluded from their application. I had to manifest my citizenship on my own. Which brings me to my MAGICAL CREATION BOX (pictured on the left). This is where I put all of my requests and desires, and this box holds them lovingly until they manifest. I placed my desire to become a citizen in this box FIVE years ago... and now it’s here. 💜
For my #divinefemininesept I got the card BOUNDARIES. This is the masculine aspect I must bring into balance. And it ties into my message today about manifestation, because you can’t materialize what you want without boundaries. We need to have clear boundaries about where we put our attention and how we spend our time & energy when trying to materialize a desire. We can’t get derailed by limiting thoughts, egoic attachments, or toxic relationships. We must clear out everything that gets in the way of us manifesting our desires, and we must fiercely guard our efforts! ✨
I also invite you today to let go of deadlines & timeframes in which you *expect* your manifestations to come. It might be faster, it might be longer, but KNOW that they are coming. 
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #spiritualawakening #intuitivehealing #intuitivehealer #intuition #innerwork #selfdevelopment #healing #purefield #manifestation #abundance #boundaries #divinefeminine #workyourlightoracle #tarotreadersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram
Instagram post 2129206877607544409_3611525989 Sometimes saying YES feels really seductive. Maybe because there’s money on the other side of that YES. Maybe because we fear losing someone’s love or acceptance if we don’t say YES. Maybe because we’ve been taught that saying YES makes us good, valuable, agreeable, and selfless.
But it’s so important to resist this seduction and say NO when your body and your stomach and your heart need you to say no. When saying no is a matter of sanity. When saying no will support your well-being. When saying no is the most truthful, authentic thing you can do.
Owning your NO and saying no when needed frees up your time and energy so you can pursue what actually matters to you. It also strengthens your solar plexus and builds up your trust in yourself that you will no longer abandon yourself or force yourself into mis-aligned situations. 
#spirituality #spiritualhealing #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #purefield #akashicrecords #spiritualcoach #selfdevelopment #claimyourno #sayingno #alignment #selfacceptance #healingpath #innerwork #souljourney #raiseyourvibration #highfrequency #tarotreadersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople
Instagram post 2127812889499623117_3611525989 When you are mocked, shamed, excluded, or rejected for expressing yourself authentically — typically as a child or teenager — you often react by HIDING. Hiding your true self, your sensitivity, your passion, your truth, your vulnerability, your desires. Hiding your Divine Essence, which is the part of you that carries your intuition, sensitivity, creative power, and unique brand of MAGIC. ✨
It’s imperative to reclaim your Divine Essence and clear the blocks and fears that prevent you from expressing that Essence in the world. When you continue hiding your Essence, you remain stuck in fear, shame, and unworthiness. Your relationships suffer. You’re unable to use your gifts and talents to create prosperity. You second-guess yourself. You’re disconnected from your authentic YES and your authentic NO.
In the Divine Essence Tarot Reading, we go deep to uncover what your Essence really is, what’s blocking its full expression, and how you can begin embodying this Essence so you can:
- stand in your power
- feel worthy & confident about who you are
- release shame & fear
- reclaim your Divine Feminine & wild woman energies
- create & sustain healthy, empowering, supportive boundaries - make choices out of clarity rather than fear of not being good enough
Ready to ALIGN yourself with your inner power & stop HIDING? You can book through the link in my bio or by DMing me. I will no longer be offering stand-alone Tarot readings after Sept, so this is a special rate, limited time opportunity to co-create some Tarot magic with me! 💜🙏
#tarot #tarotreading #tarotreadersofinstagram #divineessence #divinefeminine #wildwoman #purefield #healing #intuitivehealing #tarotpsychology #stopplayingsmall #divineguidance #innerwork #selfdevelopment
Instagram post 2126979903057120445_3611525989 Your mind is forever going, racing, thinking, trying to solve & figure things out. (At least mine is!) And sometimes your mind gets caught in a loop of negative or limiting thoughts. What can you do to shift out of this? A powerful practice is to immediately COUNTERACT your egoic mind with five opposing, truthful thoughts. ✨
An example of this in action: let’s say my mind tells me I will never have another client again (a common negative belief for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and the self-employed in service industries!). So I counteract immediately with:
- I am calling in my next ideal client like a magnet.
- My content is resonating powerfully with my ideal clients right now.
- My ideal clients are already out there, and Source brings them to me effortlessly and consistently.
- I am expanding my capacity to receive.
- The clients, projects, ideas, and bookings are flowing to me with ease RIGHT NOW.
Even if you don’t fully believe it in the moment, keep repeating this exercise over and over whenever the negative thoughts arise. They are like weeds, those thoughts! Just keep ripping them out at the root and planting new seeds of empowering thoughts that reflect the TRUTH of your infinite nature. Amen! 🙏
#abundance #receptivity #negativethinking #shiftoutofit #disciplinedthoughts #mentalclarity #spiritualguidance #innerwork #healing #purefield #intuitivehealer #akashicrecords #spiritualwork #energyhealing #pastlifehealing #selfempowerment #femaleentrepreneurship #intuitiveentrepreneur #stayintheflow #raiseyourfrequency
Instagram post 2126392522314660111_3611525989 Day 5 of my #divinefemininesept challenge. How does my Divine Feminine essence need to be expressed in the world?
AKASHA. Ok, I swear I shuffled a lot and this is what came out! Lol So yes, my Divine Feminine essence is expressed through my work reading + teaching the Akashic Records. I know in my bones that I’m supposed to work with the Records in this lifetime and push against any form of “gatekeeping” so that ANYONE can access and use the Records to heal themselves. More generally, my Divine Feminine essence needs to be expressed in the intuitive guidance I receive not only for myself but also for others. It is the divine feminine within us that helps us become receptive channels to Source energy. ✨
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #workyourlightoracle #divinefeminine #akashicrecords #akasha #energywork #healingpath #healing #intuition #intuitivehealing #meditation #spiritualawakening #spiritualhealing #innerwork #spiritualguidance
Instagram post 2125887234000179001_3611525989 What are your internal “glass ceilings”? What have you convinced yourself you can never have? What are the dreams & desires you believe are possible for other people, but not for you?
It hurts so much to really want something and to believe you can’t ever have it. This is what happens when you bump up against your internal glass ceilings, whether they’re about money, or career, or relationships. The thing is, the Universe will continue to respond to these glass ceilings, even if you write a million affirmations. You will behave and make choices - even subconsciously - based on these glass ceilings, which represent your capacity to WANT and to RECEIVE.
I invite you to consider the places where you’ve convinced yourself (perhaps long ago) that your desires are just not feasible or possible. If you are truly an unlimited being (and you are!!), you can begin to see that this mode of thinking is bs. You can begin questioning your internal glass ceilings, and busting through them! Gradually, you can expand your ability to receive. You can start today with this mantra: “I’m open to receive more than I’ve ever received before.” ✨
#abundance #alignment #spiritualhealing #healing #healingpath #intuitivehealing #intuitivehealer #purefield #akashicrecords #divineguidance #spiritualmantra #spiritualawakening #raiseyourvibration #consciousness #akashicrecords #akashicrecordsreader #youareunlimited #acourseinmiracles
Instagram post 2125534266742552163_3611525989 Brand new episode of Inner Work is out today! ✨
There’s always a gap between your desire and the manifested outcome of that desire — we may call this the “mystery” between manifestations. As humans, we often find it challenging to reside in this mystery, which is one of the reasons we give up on our deepest desires before they’ve had a chance to manifest. In this episode, we dive right into the mystery and I share some strategies to become more comfortable with it. Ultimately, being comfortable with the mystery will allow you to call in what you want faster and with less resistance than ever before.
To listen, go to purefieldhealing.com/podcast or download/subscribe through your favorite podcast app 💜
Please leave a rating or review on iTunes, which helps spread the word about Inner Work and keeps me producing this content. Thank you so much for listening & supporting the podcast!
#spirituality #spiritualpodcast #purefield #innerwork #manifestation #manifesting #abundance #lawofattraction #healing #akashicrecords #intuitivehealing #meditation #intuition #alignment #consciousness #healingpath
Instagram post 2123526669516709413_3611525989 Day 1 of my #divinefemininesept challenge. Kicking things off with our first prompt: what’s the essence of my Divine Feminine energy?
For me, FILL UP YOUR WELL from the Work Your Light oracle deck. I love the message from the guidebook: “The most selfless thing you can do is to fill up your own inner well.” Amen! This has been a lifelong lesson and I’ve finally gotten it. Fully. This is my most consistent and staunchly defended practice: filling up my own well before giving to others. It’s also my Divine Mission to help other women learn how to fill up that well without shame, guilt, or resistance. My Divine Feminine energy is watery, sensitive, intuitive, and introverted. She needs her time & space to figure things out and connect to her inner knowing. She can’t be rushed or pushed. She loves to engage in restorative and magical practices that allow her to make quantum leaps in consciousness. She is WILD WOMAN. I honor the needs and nature of my Divine Feminine energy. 💜
I invite you to join me for this challenge if it resonates with you!
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #spiritualhealing #spiritualawakening #sacredfeminine #divinefeminine #womenwhorunwithwolves #workyourlightoracle #instagramchallenge #akashicrecords #purefield #intuitivehealing #healingpath
Instagram post 2122700365380759094_3611525989 One of the key aspects of manifesting something new is not struggling against or resisting where you are now. You don’t have to love it. You don’t have to want to stay where you are. But you MUST appreciate it and stop fighting against it. Is there something good, valuable, or helpful about where you are now? Find what that is and give thanks for it.
Then, you can let the Universe know that you’re ready to receive all the goodness that’s coming your way. I invite you to use this mantra today and SEE yourself as a container for abundance. The more you fight, resist, or tell negative stories, the more you fill up that container with *muck* and the less your abundance can come through. So focus on staying clear! ✨
#spiritualawakening #healing #healersofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #divineguidance #spiritualcommunity #intuition #intuitivehealing #purefield #akashicrecords #intuitivecoaching #dailymantra #abundance #alignment #manifestingprocess #receptivity #healingpath #innerwork #stayaligned
Instagram post 2122001575242043128_3611525989 Wrapping up my #tarotaugusthabit one day early before we dive into #divinefemininesept on Sept 1st. For our final prompt, we ask: what is a practice I can implement next month to support myself in this habit change? The Knight of Pentacles is perfect here! As the most measured, thoughtful, and deliberate of the knights, he can teach us how to slow down and practice BREATHING and STILLNESS before engaging in a bad habit automatically. The Knight of Wands would have us do the opposite: engage in the habit excessively without caution! But the Knight of Pentacles can teach us that true choice and free will emerge only out of stillness and acting deliberately.
I’ll be burning my habit later today as part of a new moon ritual (to allow the new practices and habits to come in next month.)🔥
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who participated so thoughtfully in this challenge! I especially want to thank you if you’ve been doing my challenges for a while & spreading the word about them — that means so much! 💜 And you’re all invited to join my Divine Feminine Challenge next month.
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #tarotreadersofinstagram #bianconerotarot #habitchange #tarotcommunity #spiritualawakening #purefield #healing #akashicrecords #intuitivehealing #pastlifereading #souljourney #healingpath
Instagram post 2121164326623360393_3611525989 Hello, dear friends & fellow travelers on this evolutionary journey! ✨
I need some feedback from you today, if you’re ok with sharing your thoughts. As you know, my friend @robinhallett and I have been hosting a free online circle called Soul Gathering for a few months now. We want to feature discussions on topics that really matter to you and that will make a difference! So, out of these 5 possible topics, which would you be most interested in? (Feel free to choose more than one, or suggest your own.) ✨
Thank you so much for helping us with this! 🙏
#soulgathering #healingcircle #womenscircle #onlinehealingcircle #purefield #akashicrecords #healing #intuitivehealing #tarotreadersofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople #empathsofinstagram #meditation #spiritualcommunity #healingpath #spiritualawakening
Instagram post 2119048569764707785_3611525989 Early on in my own spiritual awakening, I read (somewhere) that awakening requires the “unlearning” of a belief system based on fear. This has stayed with me over the years because it’s absolutely true — awakening is all about what we REMOVE, what we SURRENDER, what we RELEASE in order to return to our true essence and to the goodness that flows uninterrupted in the Universe and all around us. It’s not really about adding anything on, or learning anything from external authority... it’s about remembering what we already know.
A Course in Miracles states this idea as “the miracle does nothing — all it does is to undo.” So awakening, and even healing, is a process of UNDOING. Undoing the constricting belief systems, undoing the cultural conditioning, undoing the internalizing of other people’s value judgments of us, undoing all our crazy ideas about how the world operates and what we can and can’t have. ✨
So, a central question for today, which you can ask at any point: what do I need to UNDO or UNLEARN today? 🙏
#acourseinmiracles #acim #awakening #spiritualguidance #spiritualawakening #healing #intuition #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #healingpath #growthpath #spiritualcoaching #empathsofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #highlysensitiveperson #manifesting #abundance #unconditioningyourself #innerwork #selfdevelopment
Instagram post 2118239855449119866_3611525989 Everyone’s here today (on my altar)! Day 25 of my #tarotaugusthabit challenge - how can I release fear or resistance about this habit? I pulled the 9 of Wands. Not surprising. A card of guardedness, having been wounded in the past, and hypervigilance. I believe that my sugar habit helps me NOT to feel defensive or hypervigilant... it helps me ease into the moment (and of course it also helps me escape the moment!). So in order to release this habit without resistance, I must work on the underlying patterns and find a practice to soften that hypervigilance so I don’t need to resort to sugar to silence it. I have some specific tools in mind to do this.
And, of course, it’s not lost on me that the figure on the card is very resistant about giving up the sugar! “Wait, what? Huh?? You’re taking the sugar away? When?? HELL NO! I will defend this sugar!! Gaaaah!” lol 😂 
#spirituality #spiritualguidance #tarot #bianconerotarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #divineguidance #tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #purefield #healing #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #spiritualcoaching #energyhealing #meditation #transformingahabit

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