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Being sensitive is extraordinary

It means your senses are enhanced.
It means you hear, see, and feel things deeply.
It means you incarnated with the desire - conscious or unconscious - to feel everything.
It means you can read between the lines.
It means you can sense what lies beyond appearances.
It means you have the sacred powers of empathy and compassion.

It might also mean, though, that growing up you heard shameful messages like "you're too sensitive!" or "don't take everything personally" or "lighten up."

It might mean that you have a hard time stepping out into the world and interacting with others, because things get so overwhelming sometimes.

It might mean that you've internalized those shameful or critical messages, convincing yourself that you're weird or strange or that there's something wrong with you.

But there isn't.

Your sensitivity, your intuition, your ability to feel things deeply - these are unique and important gifts.

I once felt shame about being "so sensitive" as well, but I've learned to use my sensitivity in aligned, abundant, powerful ways.

Without compromising my values.
Without burning out.
Without saying "yes" to everything and everyone.
Without feeling like an outcast.

I've been where you are, and I now specialize in working with intuitive + highly sensitive women. I help them release shame, guilt, fear, and that insidious sense of not-good-enoughness many of us have wrestled with. Let's transform your sensitivity and deep intuition into the superpowers they really are.

Explore Your Spirit

Let's work together to deepen your healing journey and reconnect you to your own abundance, freedom, and peace.


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an ever-changing archive of your Soul's journey through its many incarnations. A reading can help you uncover the karmic or past life root of your current challenges, revoke past life contracts, and live more intentionally.



I use the Tarot as a sacred psychospiritual tool to dive deep into your current questions and issues, gather helpful information, and reconnect you to your infinite divine wisdom. My readings are collaborative and comprehensive.


Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing session can help you release trauma, overcome challenges, soothe your nervous system, and move to a higher level of consciousness and vibration.

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