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Yes, there is something more for you.

Do you often feel as though you're rushing through your day?
Checking off items on your to-do list without a real sense of meaning or purpose?
Often living in the past or the future rather than the present moment?
Always in high alert and in "response mode" - responding endlessly to emails, calls, your boss, your children, your pets, your laundry, those dishes in the sink?

When you get caught up in the motions of day-to-day life, you can sometimes forget (or neglect) to do the things that nourish you.

To slow down and live with intention.
To say "no" to external demands that drain you.
To disentangle yourself from others' needs and expectations.
To reconnect with your inner knowing.
To follow your own rhythms instead of being forcefully carried by the endless go-go-go of our frantic culture.

I used to be driven by perfectionism and the need to please others.
I made myself sick over it - physically, spiritually, emotionally.
But I, too, started wondering: could there be something more for me?

And there was!

So I know in my heart that there's something more for you as well - more meaningful, more intentional, more exciting, more nourishing.

Your life doesn't have to be exhausting or joyless or just a collection of items checked off on a list.

Shall we explore what "more" might mean for you, and how you can claim it?

Be still and know

Let's work together to uncover deeper meaning in your life, slow down, and reconnect you to your inner knowing.


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an ever-changing archive of your Soul's journey through its many incarnations. A reading can help you uncover the karmic or past life roots of your current challenges, revoke past life contracts, and live more intentionally.


Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing & coaching session supports you by providing clear guidance and direction, soothing your nervous system, harmonizing your energy centers, and shifting you to a higher level of consciousness and vibration.

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