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There's no roadmap that comes with being sensitive.

As a child, you felt things so deeply.
You were probably told by adults or peers that you were "too sensitive" or too something - too passionate, too loud, too emotional, too weird.
You often retreated into worlds inside your own imagination and spent time reading, creating, and writing.
(I bet you wrote at least one poem at some point. I did, too!)
You felt separate or different from your family of origin or group of friends, sometimes both.

In your teenage years, you became a seeker.
You wondered why you're here, what life means, if there was something bigger than yourself you could connect to.
You wondered if other people out there felt things as deeply and could relate to your experience.
You wondered, "where do I belong?"

Now, as an adult, you're still searching.
Searching for a way to fully embrace your sensitivity.
Searching for a way to BE in the world without getting overwhelmed or overloaded.
Searching for a deeper sense of self-acceptance within yourself.
Searching for a way to heal the shame or unworthiness you've felt for being sensitive.
Searching for belonging - in your body, in the world - so you can feel powerfully present wherever you are.

As a highly sensitive introvert, I've walked this journey too. I know how we can get you from shame to belonging, from overwhelmed to empowered, from "too sensitive" to the badass highly sensitive goddess the world needs you to be.

I would be privileged to walk this path with you.

Be still and know

Let's work together to empower you, heal long-standing issues, and turn your sensitivity into an asset (it's not a curse, believe me!).


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your Divine Purpose in this lifetime and how you can express it. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the causes of issues in your current lifetime.


Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing & coaching session can help you move to a higher level of consciousness and vibration, unwind patterns and beliefs you're carrying from the past, and heal shame, unworthiness, fear, and other low-frequency emotions. I bring my expertise in energy work to support your healing on all levels: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and energetic.

Kind words from clients & students

Recent Posts

highly sensitive people

Are You Highly Sensitive? Find Out With These 4 Traits

By Josephine Hardman | September 17, 2019

High sensitivity is a temperament, not a personality Have you ever wondered if you’re a highly sensitive person? Being highly sensitive is not a personality type, but rather a temperament with specific traits. Of course, sensitivity is on a continuum, which means that we are all sensitive to one degree or another. Some people are […]

life purpose questions

20 Journaling Prompts to Figure Out Your Life Purpose

By Josephine Hardman | September 9, 2019

“What is my life purpose?” I’m sure you’ve wondered this before — probably more than once. We all have specific life purposes and divine missions we’re meant to complete in this lifetime. This doesn’t mean that you only have one life purpose, or that your life purpose will never change. In fact, our nature as […]

can I access Akashic Records

Can I Access My Own Akashic Records?

By Josephine Hardman | August 23, 2019

The short answer: anyone can access the Akashic Records. Training and practice are required, of course, but the Akashic Records are a universal archive of information about the journey of every Soul — this means that they aren’t an “exclusive” modality. You have the divine right to work with them, if you so choose. The […]

Instagram post 2154521735932605811_3611525989 Don’t squish yourself into the box someone else wants you to inhabit. 📦 Learning to speak up — even if it leads to tension or conflict — is such an important part of becoming a sovereign and empowered being. It’s also so important to speak up about your specific needs. For HSPs and empaths, this might be asking someone to turn down the volume. Or asking someone not to burn incense cause the smoke irritates your lungs. Or declining to accommodate someone else’s last-minute change of plans. Or telling the people you live with that you’ll be meditating for 20 minutes, and to please not disturb you. ✨
When you constantly acquiesce to others’ needs and demands, even in small ways, you begin to erode your true sense of selfhood. You can even start to forget what YOU actually want, what YOU like, what YOU prefer to spend time doing. So don’t make yourself small and don’t censor your needs for others, or to “keep the peace.” (Or cause you don’t want to be “bothersome”.) 💜
#hsp #healing #yourneedsmatter #playingbig #dontplaysmall #highlysensitive #highlysensitiveneeds #beyourfullself #spiritualawakening #intuitivehealing #purefield #dailyspiritualguidance
Instagram post 2152546562245344171_3611525989 Fellow empaths and highly sensitive peeps! I just put together a brand new spread for you to check in with your energy, achieve a greater balance between caring for yourself and caring for others, and discovering how your empathy is connected to your Divine Gifts. Please tag me if you try this out, as I’d love to see what comes up for you! (But of course feel free to use this offline, too.) 💜 and have a great weekend!
#tarotspread #cartomancyspreads #cartomancy #oraclespread #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #purefield #intuitivehealing #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #empathsofinstagram #empathy #empathspread #empathtools #selfcare
Instagram post 2151816913697542687_3611525989 We just can’t matter to EVERYONE. Not everyone will like our style or how we talk or what we have to say. That’s ok! It’s so much more important to focus on REALLY mattering to a smaller and clearly defined number of people — and, of course, REALLY caring about them in return. This is true not only when it comes to life in general but also true for those of us in service-based professions. ✨
Rather than measuring your progress based on your likes, number of subscribers, or any other impersonal metric, measure your success based on the REAL, heartfelt, impactful interactions you have with your people. The ones who get you. The ones who care about your message. And the ones that you can actually SEE and understand and serve with love. 💜 
#purefield #intuitivehealing #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #spiritualentrepreneur #heartbasedbusiness #intuitiveentrepreneur
Instagram post 2151619268781686802_3611525989 Hello, friends! I was recently interviewed on the beautiful podcast, Living Open. Host and healer @erynj_ has done such an excellent job of creating a magical, inclusive, rich space for us to come together and share stories & wisdom. In our conversation, we talked about the Akashic Records (how they can help us heal), the importance of allowing ourselves to be messy, and how we’re being called to become fully authentic. I invite you to listen by visiting Eryn’s profile or wherever you get your podcasts. You might also discover some other episodes that really speak to you! 💜✨
#livingopen #livingopenpodcast #healing #purefield #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #bemessy #playfulness #empathsofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram
Instagram post 2151139630213100590_3611525989 Are you a type A person like me? Always compiling more items & tasks for your to-do list? Always looking for another half hour or hour to get something “done”? Do you ever feel guilty or on edge if you just SIT STILL? Yup, me too!
And yet... even though these last few days have been pretty busy, I’ve found myself sitting at certain moments with nothing else to do. At least, nothing else to do in those moments. And I’ve actually savored these moments, because they’re like a restful oasis. I’m learning not to rush to fill them up with STUFF. With doing. With checking something else off the list (Abby Seixas calls this the “tyranny of the to-do list”... and, boy, that list sure is a petty tyrant!). My body + spirit really do crave this spaciousness. The moments where I can set everything down and enjoy BEING. Light a candle. Drink a cup of peppermint tea. Lay in bed and watch the leaves on the tree outside my window. Allow the silence to engulf me. Remember what it means to BE in a body, and not just living in my head.
I invite you into this quiet contemplation with me, which feels so spacious and is also (paradoxically) so cozy. Stop and BE for 10, 15 minutes. Your spirit will thank you.
#spirituality #mindfulness #justbeing #rest #presentmoment #beherefully #bepresent #embodiedpresence #spiritualpractice #healing #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #purefield #akashicrecords #highlysensitiveperson #empathsofinstagram #typea #deepriverpractice
Instagram post 2150249910851593071_3611525989 If you’re an empath, you *know* that experience of internalizing or picking up other people’s emotions and carrying them with you. Sometimes, it’s like carrying a bag of rocks. Those emotions are heavy and jagged and difficult to drag around with you. You can’t get to where you want to be carrying all of these “rocks.” It’s too exhausting. And, what makes this more challenging is that we often attract people who unload their emotional baggage on us — not consciously or maliciously, but just because they need an outlet for it.
So, today, consider: whose bag of rocks are you carrying? When did you first pick it up? Does this bag belong to someone currently in your life, or someone from your past? How is carrying this bag affecting your energy, stamina, inspiration, creativity, and HEALTH? I then invite you to pull a card and ask how you can begin to put this bag down. ✨
#spirituality #spiritualguidance #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #empaths #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #empathy #boundaries #energywork #innerwork #energyhealing #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #purefield #divineguidance
Instagram post 2147981589515050983_3611525989 Happy Saturday, friends! ☀️ well, as I’m still learning the ropes of IGTV, I unfortunately messed up my video for today 😂 here’s a picture of my front door instead! Never too early for this stuff! 🕷🎃 Do you have any decorations up already?
Thanks for your patience and stay tuned for the next video, which I will edit more carefully!! 🤦‍♀️ #purefield #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #igtv #halloween #halloweendecor #octoberdecor #spiritualguidance #spiritualpath #healing #tarotreadersofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #empathsofinstagram #sensitivity #tarot #meditation #spiritualawakening
Instagram post 2146761820707113613_3611525989 Day 3 of my #witchinghouroctober challenge. What does it mean to be a witch to me?
I pulled the 9 of Pentacles from the Bianco Nero Tarot. I love this message! To me, being a witch means manipulating energy, creating things out of nothing, manifesting abundance in all areas of life, staying grounded and connected to the earth. Being a witch means following your own blueprint and not being “tamed” or suppressed by anyone/anything in the external environment. Being a witch, to me, also means enjoying life’s beauty, bounty, and pleasures! 💜
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #bianconerotarot #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #akashicrecords #healing #purefield #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #sensitivity #witchesofinstagram #pagansofinstagram #innerwitch
Instagram post 2145298384269712110_3611525989 I’ve been getting some powerful downloads from Source (and the Akashic Records) about the CRUCIAL role we’re supposed to play, collectively and individually, as highly sensitive people. Or, rather, as Souls who consciously chose to incarnate in highly sensitive bodies. (There’s a difference!)
We are needed more than ever. The world needs you to be your sensitive, compassionate, empathic, non-judgmental, passionate self. The world needs you to contribute in very specific ways and through gifts that may be lying dormant within you RIGHT NOW. But this means you must care for your INSTRUMENT, your highly sensitive body & system, in nurturing and supportive ways. (We can’t fulfill our divine missions if we’re chronically overstimulated!) ✨
If this resonates with you, I invite you to read some words I wrote on my site as a sneak peek into the program for highly sensitive women I’ll be launching next year. go to purefieldhealing.com/courses/the-powerfully-sensitive-program 💜
#highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #empathsofinstagram #purefield #healing #healingjourney #selfacceptance #innerwork #highlysensitivewomen #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #spiritualawakening #tarotreadersofinstagram #akashicrecords #spiritualcommunity #sensitivity #divineguidance
Instagram post 2144619484552121349_3611525989 Hello beautiful souls! Welcome to day 1 of my #witchinghouroctober challenge. (I wanted to kick things off a day early to welcome everyone.) 🎃
We begin by asking: how do I define the term “witch”? I pulled some cards intentionally (without shuffling) to capture what it means to be a witch to me. First and foremost, it means being a MAGICIAN. A witch is someone who intentionally and consciously manipulates energy for the highest good of all concerned. A witch is an elevator of consciousness. A channel of wisdom & light. A truth seeker and truth teller. A witch is also a HIGH PRIESTESS (or priest!) who can see beyond the veil and who has nurtured her intuition to receive healing guidance for those who seek her help. 🎃
What does the term “witch” mean for you? I look forward to your posts tomorrow! 
#witchesofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #tarotcommunity #halloweentarot #instagramchallenge #healing #purefield #intuitivehealing #intuitivehealer #akashicrecords #tarotdeck #bianconerotarot #tarotmagician #beyourself #raisingconsciousness #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople
Instagram post 2141640770130466342_3611525989 Day 25 of my #divinefemininesept challenge. What does my throat chakra need?
From the Work Your Light Oracle, I pulled ANSWER YOUR CALL. This lines up very well with where I am, as I’m speaking my truth more and more unapologetically. I’m no longer “sitting” on my truth for weeks, months, or years before expressing it. I’m just putting it out there as soon as I become aware of it. Bam!
I’m also playing with a new deck today, The Deck of Character @thedeckofcharacter generously gifted to me by its creator Hannah. This is a totally fresh take on cartomancy and working with cards! I pulled BED (which is one of the “Places” featured in the deck... there are also “Tools” and “Characters”). This card makes a lot of sense because I’ve been talking a LOT lately, so my throat chakra definitely needs some rest! 🛏 💤 
#divinationcommunity #divinationchallenge #tarotchallenge #deckofcharacter #workyourlightoracle #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine #tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #instagramchallenge #tarotcommunity #healing #purefield #intuitivehealer #akashicrecords #healingpath #speakingyourtruth #throatchakra
Instagram post 2140791507036932026_3611525989 Hello, my beautiful friends! Question for today: what do you think about me starting an IGTV channel? ✨📺 I’m feeling called to connect with you in a deeper way, so I thought video might do the trick. If I were to start this channel, what type of content would you like to see? Some ideas: weekly Tarot readings, Akashic Records guidance, quick meditations (for grounding, clearing, etc especially for highly sensitive people). Is there something else you’d like to see? Please let me know! 💜🙏 And thank you for being here!
#igtv #purefield #healing #healingpath #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitivepeople #empathsofinstagram #tarot #akashicrecords #tarotreadersofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #meditation #divineguidance #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #spiritualcoaching #spiritualcommunity #tarotcommunity
Instagram post 2140246671016031773_3611525989 As requested, here’s a 2019 closure spread! ✨
This is for determining the areas or aspects of your life that must be wrapped up or given closure to before 2020 (luckily, we’ve got 3 months to do this!). And this spread is also about celebrating your biggest achievement of 2019 thus far. Of course, there might be more coming!! Please tag me if you try this out with your Tarot and/or Oracle decks. And thank you to @thetarotdonkey and @combustiblelizzy for letting me know this spread was needed! 💜🙏
#tarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotspread #tarothealing #healing #intuitivehealer #purefield #intuitivetarot #closure #closurespread #introspection #intuition #akashicrecords #spiritualcoaching #divineguidance #tarotcommunity

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