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Hi, I'm Josephine. I'm an intuitive healer and Akashic Records reader + teacher. I'm here to walk with you on your healing journey.

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The healing journey isn't always easy.

Becoming spiritually awake doesn't mean all your issues are magically and permanently healed.

Or that you're no longer emotionally reactive.

Or that your ego doesn't get the best of you some days.

Or that you never fall into old patterns again.

But there are ways to soften your reactivity.

To move beyond ego and live out of your Higher Self.

To stop telling (and buying into!) limiting stories about yourself.

To be seen, heard, and valued for who you are.

To no longer carry the shame of being a sensitive, intuitive soul who feels things deeply.

To express your Authentic Self more fearlessly.

To alleviate your own suffering, so you can move through the world with less baggage.

I'm here to help you shift from shame, fear, and unworthiness to alignment, expansion, and a deep sense of connection to your inner knowing and to the Universal assistance that's always there for you.

Be still and know

Let's work together to uncover deeper meaning in your life, slow down, and reconnect you to your inner knowing.


Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your soul mission and purpose in this lifetime. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the causes of issues in your current lifetime.


Intuitive Healing

An intuitive healing & coaching session can help you move to a higher level of consciousness and vibration, overcome challenges, and heal any issues that are causing suffering in your life. I bring my expertise in energy work to support your healing on all levels: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and energetic.

Kind words from clients & students

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How to Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Move Beyond External Validation

By Josephine Hardman | August 11, 2019

Living with low self-worth or a sense of unworthiness can be really painful. It can get in the way of your excitement, your enjoyment of life, your ability to relate authentically to other people, and your ability to be yourself in any situation. When you feel unworthy about who you are, it’s difficult to be […]

emotional pain body

The Ego and the Emotional Pain-Body

By Josephine Hardman | July 23, 2019

According to Eckhart Tolle, the pain-body is a “semiautonomous energy-form that lives within most human beings, an entity made up of emotion.” This emotional pain-body has its own primitive intelligence. Its primary goal is survival. The emotional pain-body is fueled, fed, and sustained by the ego. Egoic thoughts are actually the catalysts that activate the […]

highly sensitive person

Being a Highly Sensitive Person in an Extroverted World

By Josephine Hardman | July 18, 2019

Highly sensitive people, or HSPs, share a common number of traits. So what is a highly sensitive person? Are you one? Read through this list and notice how many of these traits resonate with you: you’re easily overstimulated through the senses (i.e., sight, sound, taste, touch, smell) your nervous system is often jumpy or on […]

Instagram post 2114734550580898625_3611525989 I’m offering up a powerful mantra you can use to stay connected to Source and to your own power of co-creation. I invite you to take a deep breath and repeat, “I am a channel that moves energy in the direction of my dreams.” The energy that moves through you might be creativity, or inspiration, or clear guidelines from Source about how to make something happen in your life. Or maybe the energy you move is money! The important point here is that you ARE a channel for energy, which is constantly moving through you. So what’s the kind of energy you want to engage with and invoke in your life? Being clear about this and conscious of your own energy is SO important! 💜✨
#mantra #spirituality #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #sourceenergy #energywork #healing #intuitivehealing #intuitivehealer #intuition #innerwork #selfdevelopment #energychannel #lightconsciousness #meditation #akashicrecords #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople #lightworkersofinstagram #alignment #abundance
Instagram post 2114023945993687643_3611525989 If you work with clients in any capacity, you know the importance of being crystal clear on who you serve, what they need, and how you can meet those needs. This is truly the essence and most fundamental aspect of a service-based business.
If you’ve been unclear on who your ideal clients actually are, I’ve created this spread to help you figure that out! This can give you a much clearer sense of who you’re meant to serve and what they need from you. It’s also a good idea to use this spread as your biz grows to stay aligned with the frequency of your ideal clients. If you try this out, please tag me so I can see your layout and comment. 💜
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Instagram post 2112572412982689721_3611525989 When you have a desire, there’s often a gap between that desire and its manifestation. This is the phase in manifestation where we must reside in an empty space... in the mystery. The new isn’t here yet, but we know that the old isn’t cutting it anymore. This is why we have a desire for something new (desires are just indicators of expansion). It’s typically in this phase of mystery that we give up on our desires, because we can’t experience them in reality yet and because it seems like too much work to actually create them. It can be so scary to reside in the mystery. But getting comfortable with this state of being is KEY to creating what you want, because the Universe actually needs that empty space to fill it up with your new desire. Don’t run back to a state of grasping, pushing, trying to make it happen forcefully, or settling for something less. Try to exist in the mystery and get more comfortable there. What you want is already lined up — it just needs a bit of time to mature and come through!
#manifestation #manifesting #abundance #alignment #purefield #healing #intuition #universallaws #witchesofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #intuitivehealing #spiritualtruth #spiritualcoaching #empathsofinstagram #awakewomen #intuitiveentrepreneur #consciousness #innerwork #selfdevelopment
Instagram post 2111063332375917547_3611525989 Day 15 of my #tarotaugusthabit — am I resisting surrendering this habit? I pulled The Chariot. To me, this says YES: I’m resisting a hell of a lot! I’m driving the chariot in the opposite direction and putting a lot of effort into resisting the very necessary and healthy CHOICE of surrendering this habit. The Chariot itself also makes me think of the concept of “falling off the wagon,” which I’ve done many times with my sugar addiction. But maybe that concept needs to change too — it’s not about being on the wagon or falling off, it’s about driving an entirely different vehicle. It’s about creating space for expansion and freedom, for new alternatives, rather than holding on to the wagon so tightly to avoid falling off (which never works!). ✨
How are you resisting giving up your habit? 
#spirituality #tarotchallenge #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #bianconerotarot #tarotlayout #tarotreading #selfdevelopment #healing #purefield #intuition #intuitivehealing #innerpeace #habitchange #alignment #innerwork #healingpath #spiritualcoaching
Instagram post 2109732664769416618_3611525989 I rarely post twice in one day, but I was moved by a recent experience to share something else today. I had the chance to connect with a semi-well-known figure & author in the spiritual world (no names shall be named because that feels out of integrity). What came out of this interaction was a sense of exclusivity, of “there’s only one way to do things”, of “I hold the knowledge and I am a gatekeeper to that knowledge.” This was of course disappointing and kind of heartbreaking. It felt like the old paradigm of secret knowledge — of “I hold the keys to this knowledge” — was at play. I call this the Hierophant Paradigm. In my experience and in my perspective, this paradigm no longer works. And it doesn’t serve the common goal of helping EVERYONE awaken, or of creating space for each of us to express our spirituality and connection to Source in ways that resonate with us. Spirituality must be about flexibility and freedom, about saying “I’m a student like everyone else”, about encouraging the true empowerment of everyone. If you happen to also meet or interact with a teacher who puts down the way you do things, or claims that there’s only one way to access Source (i.e., their way), or shuts down the possibility of exploration and flexibility... respectfully get out of there! ✨
You are your own sovereign being and you must trust your inner knowing, above all. No one can control or determine how you connect with your Higher Self and with Source energy. 
#spirituality #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram #purefield #healing #intuition #innerknowing #intuitivehealing #selfdevelopment #selfacceptance #healingpath #spiritualawakening #sovereignty #hierophant #spiritualparadigm #beginnersmind #meditation #alignment #empathsofinstagram #spiritualstudent
Instagram post 2109607084287600468_3611525989 It’s never too late to reconnect to your abundance and get things flowing again. That’s the beauty of the universe and its laws — if you start vibrating and thinking and acting differently, everything you see and experience around you will also change.
Today I’m offering up the ABUNDANCE SPREAD so you can figure out what’s getting in the way of your abundance and how to dissolve those obstacles. Please tag me if you try this out, as I’d love to see your layouts and comment on them! ✨
If abundance is a pressing matter for you right now, I also invite you to join the next Soul Gathering, a free healing circle hosted by me & the wise @robinhallett via Zoom. The next livestream will take place on Thursday (August 15th) at 6pm eastern. A replay goes out the next day if you can’t make it live, so register anyway! We’ll be talking about the ways in which we sometimes disconnect from our own abundance and how to get back into alignment with it so life can become more effortless, smooth, and expansive. You can register via the link in my bio. Hope to see you there! 
#abundance #abundancespread #healing #onlinecircle #healingcircle #purefield #tarotspread #alignment #emotionalguidancesystem #intuition #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #spirituality #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #selfdevelopment #innerwork #manifestation #healingpath #highlysensitivepeople #tarotreadersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram
Instagram post 2108906168022675805_3611525989 Judging or shaming ourselves for our current unhealthy habits — which we’ve been exploring through my #tarotaugusthabit challenge — does much more harm than good. You don’t have to condemn or demonize a habit to make it go away, or to demonstrate (to yourself or others) that you actually want to stop indulging in that habit. Every habit you use today — whether it’s eating sugar and junk food, smoking, negative self-talk, nail biting, procrastination, or workaholism — was developed at some critical point in your life to cope with something for which you had no other inner resources. A “bad” habit, like an addiction, develops as the result of your system being totally overwhelmed by certain circumstances and emotions. You couldn’t access any other behavior at the time, and this habit actually helped you survive that moment. It helped you cope in some way (however dysfunctional it might have been). Now, you continue to turn to this habit as a form of self-soothing and self-regulating. In terms of logic, this actually makes a lot of sense!
Gabor Mate invites us to stop demonizing our habits and to shift our relationship to them by first acknowledging that, on some level, they have been useful. They’ve kept us alive. Yes, they might be killing us now or interfering with our happiness — but they were very much needed at some point. So, try to practice compassion with yourself for engaging in this habit. Thank this habit for saving your life, or for helping you cope with an overwhelming situation. Now, you can cultivate and nurture new inner resources — like mindful awareness, compassionate curiosity, creating space between external events and your reactions to them — that weren’t available to you before. 💜
#spirituality #habitchange #gabormate #hungryghosts #purefield #healing #healersofinstagram #tarotchallenge #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #meditation #mindfulawareness #bareattention #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople #innerwork #selfdevelopment #selfacceptance
Instagram post 2108349525840894486_3611525989 My latest blog post is all about reconnecting to your inherent sense of worthiness and moving beyond the need for external validation to feel ok about who you are. Living with a sense of unworthiness about who you are — or the suspicion that you’re flawed and unworthy — can be so painful. In this post, I talk about how we get caught up in the cycle of unworthiness and how we can cultivate genuine self-worth — as opposed to conditional self-worth, which is based on external achievements and culturally-defined success.
If this resonates, I invite you to read the full post by following the link in my bio or going to purefieldhealing.com/blog 💜 
#spiritualblog #spiritualawakening #spiritualdevelopment #spiritualguidance #akashicrecords #innerwork #shame #worthiness #selfworth #meditation #selfdevelopment #purefield #healing #intuitivehealing #energyhealing #divineguidance #spiritualcoaching #selfacceptance #tarotreadersofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople #empathsofinstagram
Instagram post 2107512054446082232_3611525989 On the spiritual path we must OWN our behavior and take responsibility for the choices we make. But there’s also an important distinction between ourselves — who we really are — and the behavior we sometimes engage in. When I promise myself not to eat sugar again, but then I eat a whole tray of cookies — does this mean I’m messed up and should be ashamed of who I am? No. It means that I slipped back into unconsciousness (momentarily!) and that I couldn’t access any other behavior at the time. So I bring awareness to this part of myself and I continue to practice so I can do better next time. But there’s no need to punish or shame myself. The same is true for other unconscious behaviors, like lashing out at your partner over the smallest thing, or making a mistake at work, or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or skipping yoga to watch TV. I’m not saying we should be proud of these behaviors and not strive to shift to a higher level of consciousness (which will lead to more aligned actions). I’m saying that, while we work towards that, we’ll still mess up sometimes... and that’s ok! Shoulding all over ourselves, hating ourselves, and shaming ourselves never works. Your behavior is sometimes a reflection of your triggered ego, nothing else. You don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to behave perfectly to demonstrate your worth to other people (or even to yourself). Remember that behind your sometimes messy human behavior, there’s an infinite Soul who is wise beyond measure. 💜✨
#spirituality #innerwork #purefield #healing #healersofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #selfacceptance #unconditionallove #intuitivehealer #intuition #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #spiritualquotes #youareinfinite #meditation #akashicrecords #souljourney #healingpath #energywork #tarotreadersofinstagram
Instagram post 2106822423467532824_3611525989 Day 9 of my #tarotaugusthabit challenge. How do I feel about this habit (of eating sugar)?
The Ace of Cups flew right out! And it’s very accurate. I feel as though this habit nourishes me and gives me inner peace (because it’s hard work to resist a craving). Of course, this is actually false nourishment because this habit ultimately causes more problems. It disconnects me from Source and lulls me back into unconsciousness. So, in the moment that I have a craving, eating sugar feels like the only solution. But of course this is untrue and I can work on using my spiritual connection to nourish myself in more helpful, aligned ways. 
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #bianconerotarot #aceofcups #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #purefield #healing #intuitivehealer #healingpath #meditation #sugarhabit #alignment #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #cartomancy #highlysensitiveperson #spiritualhealing
Instagram post 2105362050893902093_3611525989 If you’re overwhelmed or confused about what your next step should be — in business, a relationship, a financial decision, or wherever else — I’m offering up these mantras today. May we all move beyond fear. May we all feel the support of the Universe as we move forward. May we all choose wisely & courageously.
Sometimes there are so many options and choices for moving forward that we can become paralyzed as we try to make a decision. In these moments, the best strategy is to stop, sit in silence, and check in with your heart. What’s most exciting? What makes you feel alive? Which option or choice is in true alignment with you? Examining these questions can help us reconnect with our inner knowing and more clearly see the path ahead.
#purefield #healing #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #intuition #meditation #meditationmantras #akashicrecords #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #movebeyondfear #innerknowing #highlysensitiveperson #empathsofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #innerwork #selfdevelopment
Instagram post 2103871868268983117_3611525989 Day 5 of my #tarotaugusthabit challenge. Where did I learn this habit (of eating sugar)?
The Hanged Man is a card of delaying gratification and giving up something TODAY to reap greater rewards in the future. Certainly, all forms of emotional eating would benefit by this approach of delaying gratification — or at least the gratification we think we’ll get by eating sugar (or whatever else). But, of course, this has to come from a place of unconditional love and of nourishing ourselves by making healthy, aligned choices... not depriving ourselves. In other words, if I stop eating sugar, what will fill that void in my life? For me, doing arts & crafts, painting, coloring, sitting outside in the garden, reading, eating nutritious meals, and meditating are all forms of TRUE nourishment that I can use to replace sugar. ✨
But back to this question of where I learned this habit. Well, the Hanged Man might also be someone who deprives himself and/or punishes himself if he doesn’t do something perfectly (when he goes to extremes). There is a bit of a martyr complex here. I learned through culture that if we start a “diet” or change our dietary habits and then fall off the wagon, that we’re “bad” and “weak” and we should punish ourselves. This only perpetuates the cycle of emotional eating and makes it more and more problematic. I’ve also learned from culture and the behavior of family & friends that sugar is a cure-all, a stress reliever, a reward for achieving something, a source of pleasure and excitement, and a way to connect with others. These learned ideas and behaviors are powerful and difficult to transform! 
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #divinationcommunity #sugarhabit #habitchange #bianconerotarot #purefield #tarotreadersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #hangedman #healing #healingpath #meditation #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #introspection #innerpeace #innerwork #selfdevelopment #spiritualguidance
Instagram post 2101961406141001479_3611525989 Meditation doesn’t have to be perfect. 🧘‍♀️ There’s so many ways to do it: sitting meditation, walking meditation, yoga, mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, silent meditation, laying down meditation. The practice of meditation often fails for people because they have too many expectations about what *should* happen. “I should be able to clear my mind 100%.” Or “I should achieve a perfect state of bliss.” Or “I should reach a higher plane of existence and find all answers to my questions.” Dropping the pressure & expectations is actually a key part of meditation, which more than anything is a process through which we can surrender control and step into the present moment... even if we’re fidgety, annoyed, uncomfortable, or overthinking. Just sitting in silence and peace for 5 minutes can help us get beyond ourselves and access the voice of Higher Self, which might come as a whisper, an image, a word, or a feeling. You know you’ve connected with your Higher Self when you feel a sense of expansion and relief. Connecting with your Higher Self feels like coming home. 💜✨
#meditation #spiritualguidance #spiritualcommunity #akashicrecords #healing #intuition #higherself #meditationpractice #selfdevelopment #spiritualpractices #pagansofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #intuitivehealing #innerwork #mindfulness #mindfulnessmeditation #presentmoment #wakefulness #consciousness #purefield #intuitivecoach #innerpeace
Instagram post 2101024918024904333_3611525989 Day 1 of my #tarotaugusthabit challenge. If you’re still looking for a Tarot challenge for August, I invite you to participate!
I will be working with my sugar addiction, which I’ve actually been “working” on for at least 10 years 😂 
How has this habit helped me so far? I got the 4 of Swords, Rx. This makes perfect sense. I use sugar to rest, to escape reality, to decompress, to forget the world, to quiet my mind. But of course all of that comes at a steep cost, which is why this card is reversed. Eating sugar compulsively might make us feel okay for a minute, but it doesn’t actually support our healthy self-care or allow us to rest deeply in a restorative way. Sugar drains the energy system, confuses our brain, and disregulates us. Yet, it has been a companion for me through all the ups + downs of life since childhood. (My mom recently shared with me that I had difficulty gaining weight as a baby so the pediatrician recommended giving me sweet cream ice cream to fatten me up. So ice cream was literally one of my first foods!) I’ve tried to exorcize, cut out, and force sugar out of my life. That hasn’t worked. I’m learning to befriend the feelings behind my need for sugar FIRST, which is a more sustainable and supportive approach. 
#spirituality #spiritualawakening #spiritualhealing #sugaraddiction #habitchange #healing #intuitivehealer #introspection #akashicrecords #purefield #spiritualcoach #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #bianconerotarot #selfdevelopment #innerwork #selfcare #meditation #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #tarotreading #divinationchallenge #tarotchallenge
Instagram post 2100264828376308578_3611525989 One of the common themes that emerges in my client work is people’s sense that they were not seen, heard, or acknowledged as children. This is a painful burden to carry, intertwined with feelings of shame, unworthiness, and of not being good enough. Having parents or caretakers who are awake and present enough to fully see and hold their children when they need it is, unfortunately, not a common reality. So much is lost when people grow up in a hostile, abusive, or cold environment — or simply in an environment where the parents were more preoccupied with their own issues to be fully present. ✨
So how can this massive gap be bridged? How can we see, hold, and love ourselves if we never learned how to do it? Today I’m offering up this idea for a “Belonging Meditation”, since we all long so deeply to feel at home in the world. Even if your parents didn’t see you, even if you don’t have many people in your life who REALLY see you today, please remember that the Universe *always* sees you and loves you unconditionally. Your Spirit Guides are there always, willing to connect with you and provide that sense of belonging that might have never existed for you in the material world. So, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and repeat the mantras: “I am held. I am seen. I am loved.” It might feel strange or unfamiliar at first. But keep going. Soon enough you will connect to something bigger than yourself — you will feel the warm and welcoming energy of a benevolent witness, which has actually always been there. This is your Higher Self, and it loves you deeply, without conditions. 💜
Let me know how this works if you try it.
#meditation #belonging #purefield #healing #intuitivehealer #intuitivehealing #intuition #higherself #divineguidance #beingseen #universehasmyback #tarotreadersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople #akashicrecords #healingpath #spiritualawakening #spiritualcommunity #innerchild #innerchildmeditation #belongingmeditation
Instagram post 2099581912763618110_3611525989 Final day of my #tarotrestjuly challenge (one day early to prepare for August’s challenge #tarotaugusthabit). What is one way I can rest today?
6 of Pentacles. By not taking care of anyone and just spending the day with myself. After a weekend of teaching and blended family stuff, plus helping my parents remodel their brand new house (which is a continuing project), a day just for myself is the ideal medicine right now. Recharging, sitting outside, tending to the flowers, reading. Nothing else to do. Nowhere to go. No one to take care of. 👌 Sometimes we need to be charitable with ourselves.
THANK YOU so much to everyone who participated, dabbled in, completed, and/or learned something from this month’s challenge. It was a privilege to walk this journey with you. May we all be more finely attuned to our need to rest as we move forward. May we resist the frantic pace of modern culture and follow our own unique, life-sustaining rhythms. 💜
#tarotchallenge #bianconerotarot #divinationchallenge #cartomancy #selfcare #rest #sabbath #purefield #introspection #highlysensitiveperson #empathsofinstagram #healingjourney #healingpath #spiritualguidance #divineguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #witchesofinstagram
Instagram post 2098199643138362891_3611525989 Hello, friends! 👋🏼 I’m throwing a bonus 5-day challenge into the mix! This isn’t a Tarot challenge so we won’t be posting anything (unless you want to do a recap post at the end of the 5 days, which would be awesome). The challenge is this: for 5 days — Monday thru Friday — we will find ONE item to give away, donate, or throw out per day. This is part of our Month of Rest challenge, in a way, because decluttering our lives and releasing the old can help us feel a sense of relief and peace. The compulsion to acquire and hoard things is sometimes just another way in which we are avoiding being still and resting. So you’re invited to participate if this resonates! The old items you release don’t need to be huge — they could be old books, old clothes, stuff from your childhood or an earlier stage of your life that you don’t necessarily need to remember, or just old junk laying around. What the items are doesn’t matter — it’s the act of releasing yourself from the burden of these items that matters. ✨
Let me know how it goes if you choose to participate! I’ll be doing this in my own life. 💜
#spirituality #spiritualguidance #instagramchallenge #divinationcommunity #divinationchallenge #intuitivehealing #intuitivehealer #introspection #purefield #healing #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitivepeople #releasetheold #decluttering #destress #intentionalliving #consciousness #meditation
Instagram post 2096529305509903395_3611525989 Day 25 of my #tarotrestjuly challenge. What’s my natural rhythm? Page of Cups. Couldn’t be more spot on! This Page is intuitive, highly sensitive, artistic, in touch with his/her emotions, and a bit vulnerable when it’s time to go out into the world. I fully relate to all of these characteristics. My natural rhythm is therefore one of being connected to the cycles of the moon (to which all artists are acutely attuned to) and to flowing like water. Of course, this flow can be drastically interrupted when I go against my natural rhythm and when I forget to rest. 
#bianconerotarot #tarot #tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #divineguidance #tarotreadersofinstagram #purefield #healing #intuition #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #meditation #naturalrhythm #followyourrhythm #goatyourownpace #highlysensitiveperson #divineguidance #selfdevelopment #selfawareness #empathsofinstagram
Instagram post 2095791628368167417_3611525989 Technology is wonderful for many reasons, but in excess it can pull us in so many different directions and interfere with our natural rhythms. Especially for those of us who are highly sensitive, the constant influx of information that technology has made possible can be really disregulating to the inner system. Do you ever feel jumpy, irritable, rushed, or overwhelmed by all the screens, devices, and electronics in your life? Taking a technology-free day (or hour!) can be truly rejuvenating and can help you reconnect to your inner stillness. You can’t receive guidance from the divine if you’re constantly hooked up to a stream of external information. ✨
I love the words of mindfulness teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn on this: we must develop a “robust counterbalance of the inner world” to keep our sanity and well-being in the face of an external world of demands, multitasking, and where we’re expected to be “plugged in” 24/7. Do you ever take breaks from technology? What’s your favorite way to do so? I’d love to hear and learn from your experiences!
#spirituality #spiritualawakening #technologyfreeday #healing #purefield #intuitivehealing #introspection #innerstillness #innerpeace #mindfulness #jonkabatzinn #akashicrecords #tarotreadersofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #healingthroughnature
Instagram post 2095089489916306416_3611525989 GIVEAWAY CLOSED — the winner is @emilylavenderme yay!! Congrats! 🎊💜✨I will reach out directly via DM to arrange shipping.
I woke up today to just over 5K followers 🎉  so it’s time for an appreciation giveaway! THANK YOU to everyone who engages with me through this account, participates in my challenges, and so thoughtfully contributes to our IG community. Your honesty, humor, wisdom, and warmth give me hope for the future and remind me that the human SPIRIT will not be squashed by technology and/or social media! In fact, we use IG in such a powerful way to authentically connect with each other and offer meaningful value — this is beautiful! 💜 So thank you for your presence.
To enter the giveaway for this book, Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen, just make sure to (1) follow me and (2) tag a friend who you think would get something out of my content. That’s it!
This giveaway is not associated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Instagram or anyone else. At this point I can only ship to US addresses (my apologies to everyone outside the US!). Giveaway closes Friday, July 26 at 8AM Eastern time. Winner will be randomly selected, announced & contacted shortly after.
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