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There's no roadmap that comes with being sensitive.

As a child, you felt things so deeply.
You were probably told by adults or peers that you were "too sensitive" or too something - too passionate, too loud, too emotional, too weird.
You often retreated into worlds inside your own imagination and spent time reading, creating, and writing.
(I bet you wrote at least one poem at some point. I did, too!)
You felt separate or different from your family of origin or group of friends, sometimes both.

In your teenage years, you became a seeker.
You wondered why you're here, what life means, if there was something bigger than yourself you could connect to.
You wondered if other people out there felt things as deeply and could relate to your experience.
You wondered, "where do I belong?"

Now, as an adult, you're still searching.
Searching for a way to fully embrace your sensitivity.
Searching for a way to BE in the world without getting overwhelmed or overloaded.
Searching for a deeper sense of self-acceptance within yourself.
Searching for a way to heal the shame or unworthiness you've felt for being sensitive.
Searching for belonging - in your body, in the world - so you can feel powerfully present wherever you are.

As a highly sensitive introvert, I've walked this journey too. I know how we can get you from shame to belonging, from overwhelmed to empowered, from "too sensitive" to the badass highly sensitive goddess the world needs you to be.

I would be privileged to walk this path with you.

Be still and know

Let's work together to move from overwhelm to empowerment and to reclaim your sensitivity as a Divine Gift.


Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your Divine Purpose in this lifetime and how you can express it. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the causes of issues in your current lifetime.


Intuitive Healing for Highly Sensitive Women

Being highly sensitive in our non-sensitive world can feel like being a raw nerve. My sessions for highly sensitive women are focused on healing chronic overstimulation and sensory overload, healing your sensitive inner child, implementing tools to protect your energy + space, and healing feelings of not belonging and shame about your high sensitivity.


Sacred Soul Work Reading

In this powerful 75-minute reading, we'll combine the Akashic Records + the Tarot to identify your Sacred Soul Work, which is the work you're meant to do in this lifetime. Aligning with your Sacred Soul Work can open doorways to new opportunities, meaningful work, greater fulfillment with your life, and increased abundance.

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As a spiritual, intuitive, or creative entrepreneur, it can be tough to market yourself. (Gah, that dreaded word – marketing! Does it make you shudder? No worries – this post will show you how you can approach marketing from a far less scary, much more ethical and aligned way.) You’ve got a unique kind of […]

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By Josephine Hardman | December 9, 2019

This isn’t your first lifetime — you’ve had many past lives. With the rare exception of people who come into this lifetime as brand new souls, we’ve all experienced many past lifetimes. Generally speaking, your Soul makes the conscious choice to enter into each lifetime to learn specific life lessons, release old karma, and evolve […]

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The Highly Sensitive Person’s Holiday Survival Guide

By Josephine Hardman | November 29, 2019

Surviving the holidays isn’t always easy. Indeed, the holidays can bring up feelings of grief, sadness, loneliness, anxiety, stress, missing someone who’s no longer here, or wishing things were different in your life. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a major change during the holiday season – such as a divorce, moving to […]

I’m delighted to share with you all that one of I’m delighted to share with you all that one of my loveliest clients, and a beautiful soul, has written & published her first novel, The Seep. This is a powerfully imaginative, poignant, and moving story of alien invasion, transformation, loss, and ultimately how we are all connected. From the book jacket: “A strange new elegy of love and loss, The Seep explores grief, alienation, and the ache of moving on.” I started reading it yesterday and can’t put it down! If you’re into this kind of story, I highly recommend it. And congrats to @chanaporter — what a powerful novel you’ve birthed into the world! 💜
#writersofinstagram #intuitivehealing #energyhealing #theseepnovel #purefield #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #spiritualcommunity #witchesofinstagram #firstnovel #sohopress #fictionwriters
Any puzzleheads out there? Last year, I got SERIOU Any puzzleheads out there? Last year, I got SERIOUSLY into puzzles and my husband calls me that now 😂 🧩 
Puzzling can be such a great meditation and escape from the stresses of daily life. I’ve been using my puzzles as a way to soothe, distract, comfort, and enjoy myself without eating (as much) sugar. So excited to dive into this magical one today! ✨
Have a great rest of your week, friends, and don’t forget to take breaks for playfulness and down time. We all need that!
(Oh, and just in case, I bought this puzzle myself and this is not a sponsored post in any way.)
#puzzles #jigsawpuzzles #puzzlehead #buffalopuzzles #playfulness #playing #intuitivehealing #energyhealing #purefield #akashicrecords #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #raiseyourfrequency
I don’t know about you, but as a highly sensitiv I don’t know about you, but as a highly sensitive person living with other people can be really tough for me sometimes. (And I’m sure it’s not easy living with highly sensitive me, either!) Do you feel this too?? ✨
I created the Sacred Space Tarot spread to help us carve out, well, what the name implies: a sacred space for ourselves! This might be your bedroom, your office, your reading/healing room, your garden, your bathtub, or a corner in your living room. The size of the space doesn’t matter. What matters is the kind of energy you infuse it with. And that you keep it clear of others’ energy through strong and healthy boundaries. If you try out the spread, please tag me so I can comment! 💜 Wishing you a peaceful and spacious week ✨
#tarotspread #tarotlayout #sacredspace #healingspace #enforcingboundaries #hsp #highlysensitiveperson #empathsofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #soulpreneur
I’ve had this David Mamet quote on my wall for a I’ve had this David Mamet quote on my wall for about a month now, and it’s the first thing I see every morning. Whether you’re a writer, a content creator, a blogger, a Tarot reader, a healer, a freelancer of any kind — you’re often called to TELL STORIES. To write. To speak. To use language in ways that (hopefully) resonate with others. And, hey, sometimes the language you use doesn’t resonate. Sometimes you write a blog post and no one reads it. Sometimes you tell a potential client about what you do and they’re not interested. Sometimes you try to tell a resonant story and it doesn’t land. That’s ok! You must extend patience, grace, and love to yourself as you develop your unique voice. There will be moments along the way that feel like failures (I’ve got plenty of those I could share with you around a campfire!). But, ultimately, you’re learning how to express your Divine Essence and communicate what matters to you in a powerful way. This often takes time. So, keep experimenting with your storytelling and THINK WELL OF YOURSELF while you’re doing so! 💜✨✍️ #writersofinstagram #intuitivehealing #purefield #businesscoaching #spiritualentrepreneurship #intuitiveentrepreneur #storytelling #tellingyourstory #writingyourstory #raiseyourfrequency #selfacceptance #witchesofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #healersofinstagram #soulpreneur
What new perspective would be useful for me this y What new perspective would be useful for me this year? (This is day 17 of my #magical2020tarot challenge)
POTENTIAL from the Supra Oracle Deck. I love the powerful energy, movement, and vibrancy of this card. There’s a message here about opening up to the potential of every situation, interaction, and encounter this year. Sometimes I tend to privilege stillness over action too much (which is a reaction against dominant culture) but this card is reminding me that sometimes it’s best to jump into action. To let go of analyzing and weighing the pros & cons. To just EXPERIENCE things and let go of the fear of making a mistake. I’m still untying the rigid knot of my perfectionism, which sometimes still rears its tyrannical head to hound me about something or other. ✨
On the collective level, I feel this card is saying it’s time to stop being a good, cautious, obedient, tentative student (always collecting info and degrees/certifications but never taking action) and become an adventurous, bold, confident, divinely inspired risk-taker.
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #supraoracle #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #businesscoaching #intuitiveentrepreneur #spiritualentrepreneurship #soulpreneur #purefield #energyhealing #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity
You know how they say you shouldn’t phrase your manifestation intentions as “I really want...” or “My money is coming to me...” because they must be in the PRESENT tense to materialize? Meditating today, I received a message about doing something slightly different (but a game-changer). Through the energy of love, we can literally access anything in the universal field. Including all the things you currently desire. So, how about playing with the energy of love (the most potent energy in the Universe) to manifest something?
First, nail down what you wanna create/manifest. For me, I wanna attract more clients with whom I can *powerfully* co-create and have an amazing, transformative experience doing so. Thus, my love statement is: “I love spending time with my clients. I love co-creating with my clients in an easy, life-changing, magical, badass way.” ✨
Now, repeat your love statement (preferably in writing) every am & pm for the next 30 days. Make sure your statement carries the energy of celebration and love and excitement. NOT of desperation, impatience, or begging. You’re not a beggar. You’re a powerful magician. Let’s see what happens! 💜✨
#manifestation #manifestationexercise #spiritualexperiment #intuitivehealing #purefield #energyhealing #loveenergy #universalfield #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #soulpreneur #businesscoaching #spiritualentrepreneurship
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing intuit I recently had the pleasure of interviewing intuitive, highly sensitive lightworker @miss_cass_adventures 
We talked about the importance of identifying the stories we tell about ourselves, where those stories come from, and what kinds of archetypes and cultural messages are influencing those stories. We also suggested a couple of exercises to increase your awareness of the stories you tell about yourself and how to begin telling more empowered, aligned, truthful stories. You can listen to the episode via the link in my bio or at purefieldhealing.com/category/podcast 💜
Thank you for listening & supporting the podcast! Please leave a rating or review if you feel called to do so — there’s no better way to increase the podcast’s reach and keep me producing content. THANK YOU! 🙏 
#podcast #spiritualpodcast #lightworkersofinstagram #storytelling #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #highlysensitiveperson #empathsofinstagram #magick #raiseyourconsciousness #intuitivehealing #followyourintuition
You know what? Let’s cut the BS. 2020 is already kicking my ass (in a good way!) with the transformative lessons and powerful activations of energy that are coming through. THIS IS THE YEAR to do your thing. To shine as brightly as The Star. To birth your creations — whatever they are — and offer them to the world. What’s THE THING you’ve been delaying? The thing that’s really calling you? The thing you so desperately want to be doing... but then the voice of fear or self-doubt or impostor syndrome or not-good-enoughness rears its insidious head? Of course, only you know if it’s worth taking a risk and trying to go for your (long delayed or put off) dreams. But think about the risk of DOING NOTHING. Doing nothing, making no choice, is actually a pretty big choice in and of itself. It’s a kind of inertia, the absence of movement or energy, just kind of a “meh... do whatever, Universe, I’m not choosing either way.” If you choose SOMETHING, I guarantee you will learn and grow wiser and understand what works for you and what doesn’t in a clearer way. So, when you wake up tomorrow, what choice can you make in the direction of your dreams? 
#2020 #2020energy #energyhealing #intuitivehealing #purefield #akashicrecords #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #intuitiveentrepreneurship #spiritualentrepreneur #soulpreneur #raiseyourfrequency #selfactualization #higherself #risktaking #businesscoaching
Days 13 & 15 of my #magical2020tarot challenge. I Days 13 & 15 of my #magical2020tarot challenge. I got two really interesting, interrelated cards from the Supra Oracle by @uusidesignstudio ✨
First, I got FEELING for what do I need to understand about the world. Immediately, this made me think of the mess we’ve created as humans through our OVERTHINKING and by privileging rational thought over intuition, gut feeling, and sensory experience. It seems like 2020 is a year for more feeling and less overthinking, particularly as we face global and local issues that will challenge us to show compassion for others and not to disconnect ourselves emotionally from what’s happening in the world. Then, I pulled SENSATION for what do I need to know about myself. And this of course reaffirms the first message: this year, make choices from the heart and not so much from the “rational” mind. Allow myself to FEEL my way forward instead of living enslaved to a tyrannical to-do list of things I THINK I should be doing. 
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #supraoracle #comingtooursenses #mindfulness #raiseyourfrequency #intuitivehealing #healingpath #lightworkersofinstagram #compassion #energyhealing #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram
Day 11 of my #magical2020tarot challenge. My spiri Day 11 of my #magical2020tarot challenge. My spiritual outlook for this year. I got INDIVIDUATION from the Supra Oracle deck. ✨
The first thing that popped into my head was: “some spiritual strength will be required to pull that sword out of the stone.” This card suggests some kind of epic or mythic challenge, in the style of the King Arthur legend. I definitely feel that 2020 is calling me to do my GREATEST WORK yet — indeed, in magickal terms, to earnestly and wholeheartedly embark on my Great Work. This will require individuation in the sense of getting comfortable with following my own epic path, even if it disappoints others or causes disagreements. This kind of individuation is about silencing external voices and undue influences so I can get on with the work I’m meant to do. It’s a bit scary but I’m ready! 💪
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #supraoracle #uusidesignstudio #tarotcommunity #tarotcommunityofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #magick #spiritualwork #selfdevelopment #intuitivehealing #spiritualhealing
Is there something in your life you’re holding onto really tightly, trying to make it happen (maybe trying to FORCE it), but it’s just not happening? I recently had this experience with a particular business plan, which I was forcing myself to implement because everyone said that’s what I should do. Everyone said that was the way to go. Everyone said, “don’t quit just cause you’re scared!” But the thing is — I wasn’t scared! I was going against my gut, intuition, excitement, and alignment. I was literally following someone else’s blueprint, and it didn’t fit, and it felt really off. Every morning, I’d wake up and dread doing this specific work. So, a couple of days ago, a voice from within popped up and said: “wtf? Are you hating this? You need to change it or let it go! Create space to work on something else.” SO LIBERATING! And that’s exactly what I did. I changed things up, released what needed to be released, and opened up my time and energy to work on something that feels more aligned and exciting.
If there’s something in your life or business you’ve been trying to force for a while, and it’s draining your energy and making you a bit crazy, consider this your sign from the Universe to LET IT GO! 💜
#spiritualbusiness #healingpath #innerwork #selfdevelopment #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #spiritualcommunity #businesscoaching #intuitiveentrepreneur #spiritualentrepreneur #alignmentfirst #alignwithyourhigherself #lettinggo #ease #spiritualhealing
Kind of ironic that I’m posting on my HEALTH OUT Kind of ironic that I’m posting on my HEALTH OUTLOOK for my #magical2020tarot as I’m sick, battling a head cold 🤒 😂 couldn’t have planned it more accurately!
I got the 2 of Pentacles. Right now, as I reach for a tissue to blow my nose for the billionth time and my ears are ringing from the congestion and the pressure in my head feels like I’m wearing a really TIGHT headband, all I can see are the ships on that turbulent ocean on this card. Just trying to hang on for dear life as the waves hit me! But I can also see an important balance that’s being called for here: to balance work and rest, work and play, the internal and the external, solitude and socializing, receptivity and action. A greater balance in these areas will support greater health and well-being.
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #bianconerotarot #energyhealing #raiseconsciousness #intentionalliving #healingpath #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #spiritualcommunity #innerwork #akashicrecords
Moving onwards with my #magical2020tarot challenge Moving onwards with my #magical2020tarot challenge. First, my RELATIONSHIP OUTLOOK for this year. Ace of Wands. I’ll take it! This is an awesome card of renewed energy, vibrancy, and FIRE. My husband and I are moving into our sixth year together and just had a discussion the other day about how we’re entering a phase of unconditional love and endurance. Going for the long haul. Having fun and doing new things together. Changing individually and also allowing the relationship to evolve. Doing magick together.
My PROFESSIONAL OUTLOOK is Judgment. This feels spot on! 2020 has already started with a powerful call to do bigger work that’s truly aligned with me, and to channel everything I do directly from Source. I’m heeding the call and stepping into the unknown. 
#tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge #fountaintarot #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcommunity #akashicrecords #witchesofinstagram #healingwork #intuitivehealing #purefield #raisingconsciousness #innerwork
Anyone else feeling the seismic shifts of 2020 alr Anyone else feeling the seismic shifts of 2020 already happening??
It feels a bit like we’ve stepped into a new universe or plane of existence. For me, personally, there’s a strong call to REVAMP everything about my business and create something new. Something bigger. Not sure what that is yet, but meditating about this I got two important messages: “don’t resist change” and “it’s ok to be confused right now.”
For you, it might be that there’s uncertainty in your relationship, in your professional life, in an important choice you’re pondering this new year. And it might be that things feel muddled or unclear or confusing. First, don’t beat yourself up for feeling confused. Major shifts and transitions often bring with them the surrendering of old belief systems, so it might even feel like you can’t think “rationally” about this or approach it as you used to in the past. I talked about this with my mom today (I’m SO lucky that she’s a healer, wise woman & former psychotherapist) and she suggested I go within to consult with my Higher Self about this. Of course! So, second, let go of all attachments to knowing exactly where you need to be or go right now. What if this state of confusion is just a sign of the deep transformation happening within? Welcome the confusion and the uncertainty. Become friends with it. Sit with it in silence rather than trying to puzzle it out or force clarity to come. Eventually, your Higher Self will shine a light on what matters most right now, on where your attention needs to go. ✨💡✨
#meditationmantra #meditation #intuitivehealing #lightworker #innerwork #selfdevelopment #selftransformation #dontresistchange #letgoofattachments #purefield #witchesofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #akashicrecords #energyhealing #spiritualwisdom
You created a website, printed out your biz cards, You created a website, printed out your biz cards, started posting on Facebook and on here. You took the courageous step and said: “hey, world! Here I am! I’m ready to work with you.” And... crickets.
That happened to me too. In the early days of my business, I had no idea how to market myself. I didn’t understand that just stating the facts (“here I am, and here’s my business!”) doesn’t work. I didn’t understand that I had to learn how to tell COMPELLING STORIES. In our modern world, humans crave connection above all. They crave being seen and heard and understood. So how do you connect with others authentically and begin offering value through your marketing? You craft magnetic stories that resonate with the right people at the right time.
Stop fearing your marketing and start seeing it as a vehicle to tell resonant stories, to give others a taste of your approach and unique magic and perspective, and to build community. ✨
I lay out the basic principles of my own marketing philosophy (and ethics) in my latest blog post. If this resonates, you can read more through the link in my bio or at purefieldhealing.com/category/blog
See you there! 💜
#marketing #empathybasedmarketing #marketingethics #spiritualentrepreneur #intuitiveentrepreneur #spiritualentrepreneurship #healersofinstagram #tarotreadersofinstagram #lightworkersofinstagram #intuitivehealing #sphereofinfluence #marketinglovestory #storytelling #businesscoaching #soulpreneur
When I first learned that I’m a highly sensitive When I first learned that I’m a highly sensitive person about 10 years ago, it was truly a life-changing experience. I discovered that no, I’m not CRAZY. I’m not TOO MUCH. I’m not too emotional or weird or flawed or wrong. I’m just highly sensitive — and my sensitivity, in fact, has become one of the essential tools with which I do my work as a spiritual healer.
But here’s the thing: being an overwhelmed HSP is radically different from being an empowered HSP. As an overwhelmed HSP, you have trouble setting boundaries, determining where you end and others begin, going out into the world, not taking things personally, not getting drained by every interaction or phone call, and on and on. ✨
In my Powerfully Sensitive Program, we’ll spend 6 weeks together shifting from overwhelm to empowerment and bringing to light the dormant gifts behind your sensitivity, so you can be fully present in the world, live a richer life, and stop hiding your true sensitive self. The program is now open with an early bird rate — you can learn more and enroll through the link in my bio. (And please feel free to send a DM with any questions.) 💜
#hsp #highlysensitiveperson #highlysensitive #highlysensitivepeople #highsensitivity #intuition #intuitivehealing #tarotreadersofinstagram #witchesofinstagram #empathsofinstagram #selfdevelopment #powerfullysensitive #purefield #spiritualhealing
Here we go! Day 1 of my #magical2020tarot challeng Here we go! Day 1 of my #magical2020tarot challenge. My general theme for 2020 is AIR from the Supra Oracle deck.
Interestingly enough, I started 2020 a bit emotionally triggered about something (blended families, anyone??). Pulling this card after regaining my sanity and clearer vision (lol), this feels like a message about RISING ABOVE the human drama by remembering that I am Spirit FIRST. I am air first. I am human and physical matter second. When I forget this “airy” and spiritual nature, that’s when I get into trouble and say things I don’t mean or act out defensively (under the illusion that there’s something to defend!). ✨
So, in sum, my theme for 2020 will be to keep the spiritual perspective of things (of ALL things) in the forefront of my mind and moment-by-moment experience. To rise above the ego attachments and identifications. To pause and remember, “wait! I am SPIRIT! I am incorruptible and un-attackable. There is nothing here to defend or take personally. Go for a walk and breathe it out.”
#tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #supraoracle #uusidesignstudio #tarotreading #witchesofinstagram #healingpath #surrenderingego #purefield #intuitivehealing #akashicrecords #familylineagehealing #pastlifehealing #tarotchallenge #divinationchallenge
I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately. Past friends, lost friends, new friends, false friends, soul friends. I often feel a sharp sense of grief or sadness when other people talk about their lifelong friends, or friends they’ve had from kindergarten. Since my family moved around a lot when I was a kid, starting at age 12, my friendships often felt temporary or as though they had a time stamp on them. I also learned, unconsciously, not to get too attached due to the fear of loss. ✨
I know, for sure, I spent many past lifetimes as a hermit (do you have that sense, too??). But, as @miss_cass_adventures and I said yesterday: even the hermit must come out of his/her cave sometimes! This lifetime feels to me like an opportunity to re-learn how to be with other people, to be in relationship, to create a community, to learn from others and help wherever I can.
The hermit can create a soul family wisely and lovingly, without having to give up all boundaries or — on the other hand — isolating him/herself. I love the 3 of Cups as part of this message because it depicts a supportive, loving, mutually beneficial community. Ultimately, relationships are classrooms of consciousness. We can use them to grow, smooth out our rough edges, practice compassion, and release baggage. 💜 Thank you for being part of this magical community! 
#tarot #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #magickalcommunity #magick #thelema #bianconerotarot #fountaintarot #spiritualcommunity #healingrelationships #friendships #soulfamily #personalgrowth #intuitivehealing #raiseyourfrequency #tarothermit
✨ON ANXIETY✨ If you’re dealing with anxiety, ✨ON ANXIETY✨
If you’re dealing with anxiety, know that you’re not alone.
If you feel like an impostor, you’re not alone.
If you feel inadequate or confused about your purpose, you’re not alone.
If you’re finding it difficult to feel grateful, you’re not alone.
Anxiety can be such an isolating experience, often associated with the 9 of Swords (which I often call the “dark night of the soul” card). The sense of isolation, dread, grief, and fear comes through palpably in all of these depictions of this card. This is also the “negative anticipation” card, where we drive ourselves crazy imagining future catastrophes and negative outcomes.
Sometimes, no matter what you try, it’s hard to shift out of the 9 of Swords and reconnect to a sense of gratitude or peace or feeling good about yourself and your life. If that’s where you are right now, this message is for you: you’re not alone, dear soul! Visualize, for a moment, that instead of sitting up in your bed alone, gripped by fear, we’re sitting together and sipping a cup of tea. This too shall pass. Let’s breathe together and remember how much broader you are than this moment; how your Soul can see the bigger picture and lead you out of the darkness. Be kind to yourself and don’t go into any harsh “shoulds” — “I should feel better” or “I should feel grateful” or “I should shut up about this already.” To move out of the 9 of Swords, we first have to sit in it without struggling against where we are. It’s so hard, I know. But it’s also an invitation (or a challenge) to practice radical acceptance and to use your spiritual tools to cope. You can do it. You’re not alone. 💜
#nineofswords #anxiety #socialanxiety #highlysensitiveperson #hsp #tarot #tarotcommunity #tarotreadersofinstagram #tarotcards #healingpath #intuitivehealing #energyhealing #empathsofinstagram #mentalhealthawareness #purefield #akashicrecords #spiritualguidance

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