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20 Journaling Prompts to Figure Out Your Life Purpose

“What is my life purpose?” I’m sure you’ve wondered this before — probably more than once. We all have specific life purposes and divine missions we’re meant to complete in this lifetime. This doesn’t mean that you only have one life purpose, or that your life purpose will never change. In fact, our nature as spiritual beings is to always expand and evolve. This means that your life purpose can also evolve over time.

So maybe you find yourself wondering what your life purpose is today. This might be the first time you’re asking this question, or it might be that something has changed in your life and you want to discover what your next purpose is. Either way, there’s no magical answer to this question, but there are things you can do to try to figure this out.

Journaling and meditation are two of the best tools you can use to discover your life purpose. There’s no substitute to sitting in silence, asking really deep questions, and becoming receptive to the answers that arise from within. No one can tell you what your life purpose is — this is the kind of information that you can only access within (and through your connection to Source).

Contemplative and introspective practices are extremely helpful for getting in touch with your Divine Essence, which is the part of you that carries the information about your life purpose and how you can best express it in this lifetime. We might also call your Divine Essence your “Higher Self” or, in the simplest terms, your Soul.

Writing can be a powerfully spiritual and illuminating practice, bringing insights to light and helping you to know yourself deeply. The act of putting pen to paper invites your Divine Essence to express itself without censorship or judgment.

So, if you’ve been trying to figure out your current life purpose, I invite you to use these 20 journaling prompts to dig really deep and connect with the aspect of yourself that already knows the answer. I trust that you’ll discover amazing insights as you work through these.

The 20 Journaling Prompts

  1. What are some of my natural talents and gifts?
  2. Of these (from question #1), which do I enjoy doing the most?
  3. What do I NOT enjoy doing? (It helps to clarify what you DON’T want and what’s NOT aligned with you!)
  4. What activity or action brings me the most fulfillment?
  5. What activity or action is something I’d rather never do again?
  6. What do people compliment me about the most? (i.e., your organizational skills, your sense of humor, your intuition, your creativity, etc.)
  7. How am I helpful to others? (i.e., When do others tend to seek me out? When they need comfort? When they need practical advice? When they need to have a good laugh?)
  8. If money were no object, how would I spend my day tomorrow?
  9. If money were no object, how would I spend the next 10 years of my life?
  10. What do I *secretly* wish I could be doing with my life? (i.e., writing a novel, being a fashion designer, starting your own spiritual business)
  11. Who makes me feel jealous or envious? What is it about them that makes me feel jealous? (Often, the people who make us jealous can serve as important mirrors for us of what we wish we could do, have, or be)
  12. If I had no other responsibilities (like a house, a job, children, a partner, etc), what would I be doing with my life?
  13. What makes me the most excited and happy to wake up in the morning? (Fill in the blank: “If I know I’ll be spending the day doing ___________, I wake up happy and excited for the day.”)
  14. What activity feels the most natural to me, as though I could do it all day every day?
  15. What do I teach others? How do I contribute to others’ lives?
  16. How do I prefer to express myself? (i.e., verbally, written form, etc)
  17. What are my 3 core life values? (i.e., honesty, integrity, truth-telling, walking the talk, being kind to others, etc. — in other words, the values that most matter to you)
  18. Is there something I regret not having done yet? Why haven’t I done it? (And can I start doing it in small steps?)
  19. What do I want to be remembered for when I’m gone?
  20. And the ultimate life purpose question: How could I be of service to others while creating happiness and fulfillment for myself?

There’s no right or wrong way to answer any of these questions, of course. The answers might come clearly, or they might come more cryptically — especially if there’s some resistance about actually figuring this out. This is something that can happen sometimes: you desperately want to figure out your life purpose but you get confused, you get stuck, and the answers don’t seem to come.

In these cases, people are sometimes scared of identifying and claiming their life purpose. They unconsciously fear that if they do, they will have to make immediate lifestyle changes (like quitting a job) to accommodate that new purpose. So, it also helps to soften this resistance by telling yourself, “I’m just experimenting with this and gathering some information. I don’t have to make any changes right away. I can go at my own pace and take it step by step.”

Wishing you abundant insights + clarity as you walk your path,

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