About Me

I believe in your ability to heal and grow... from wherever you are today.

I help highly sensitive women reclaim their powerful gifts and make the journey from overwhelm to empowerment.


Josephine Hardman, PhD

Hi, I'm Josephine, intuitive healer and Akashic Records reader and teacher.

I'm also a highly sensitive introvert + empath. I had to make the journey from shame to belonging, from being overwhelmed in the world to being an empowered highly sensitive Goddess. Now, I see being highly sensitive as badass and as intricately connected to my spiritual gifts.

I firmly believe that our high sensitivity is a Divine Gift and that you're here for specific reasons. I'd love to help you develop a supportive foundation to feel safe + present in the world, so that you can activate all the powerful gifts that are lying dormant within you.

(You can read more of my story below.)

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Training & Credentials

PhD in English Literature
Angel Guide Certification
Akashic Records Certification
Spiritual & Intuitive Healer Certification

My Story

I was born sensitive.

In fact, I was born prematurely by c-section, so I've had to work hard to feel safe despite being thrown into the world before I was ready!

As a child, I was a dreamer and a feeler - always feeling things deeply. Always hyper-aware of my environment and other people's feelings. Always trying to manage my emotions to avoid overwhelming, upsetting, or disappointing others.

I carried many of these traits into my adolescent years, where I had a few experiences that instilled a deep sense of shame, not belonging, and being "different" (read: a weirdo, a freak, an outcast... you name it).

Ever since I can remember, I had the sense that I was too much.
Too emotional.
Too intense.
Too passionate.
Too eager.

So, over time and through the external messages I heard, I learned to tone myself down.
To become less.
To temper and dilute myself.

It wasn't until adulthood that I learned what being an "empath" and a "highly sensitive person" really meant. These traits, these essential parts of me, had always seemed like a challenge. Like something to fix. An inconvenience - on some days, even a curse.

My own journey has been about healing my shame, unworthiness, fear, and feelings of being separate, weird, and "abnormal". Of being too much.

I came to realize that my too-muchness is actually the best part of me. The part that's connected to a deep source of power, intuition, and creativity. The part that's a healer, a creator, a wise + wild woman, a compassionate guide for other women on the path. A Goddess.

Over time and through major inner work, I've transformed from a scared and overwhelmed highly sensitive person - hiding away and disavowing my gifts - to an empowered highly sensitive Goddess.

I now use my sensitivity powerfully as a guide and healer (and witness) for other sensitive women. 

Which makes me wonder: what gifts might lie behind your sensitivity? And how does the Universe need you to use those gifts?

You don't need to be constantly overstimulated, overwhelmed, and taking on others' emotions. Or toning down your intensity, as I did for many years.

You can harness your sensitivity in powerful, unique ways that can transform yourself, your family, your community, the world.

Ready to get started on this sacred work?

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My Lineage & Influences

All healers work within specific traditions and lineages. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge these, so I want to be transparent about where I come from, who I've learned from, and what has influenced me along the way.

Healers + teachers: Haleya Priest & Thom Levy of Sanctuary Healing Arts, Jon Schottland of The Synthesis Center, Jane Degenhardt, Brigit Esselmont, Elizabeth Purvis, Karly Randolph Pitman

Influences: Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Pema Chodron, Benebell Wen, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Brene Brown, Elaine Aron, Wayne Muller, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, Abraham Hicks.

Poets, Authors & Musicians: Shakespeare, Ben Jonson, Emily Dickinson, Nayyirah Waheed, Carol Ann Duffy, e.e. cummings, Samuel Beckett, Tennessee Williams, Maynard James Keenan, Trent Reznor, Bjork, Bach, Rachmaninoff, The Dead Weather, Opeth, Yussef Dayes, Makaya McCraven.

I'm a lifelong student of A Course in Miracles, which powerfully informs my understanding of the world.

And I can't leave out mom + dad, who love me unconditionally and who I'm sure didn't have the easiest time raising a highly sensitive child.

In my clients' words...

I create a safe space for you to be truly yourself, to explore what's working and what's not working in your life - your light and your shadow - and to move into a higher consciousness and state of being.


Official Bio

I have a Bachelor's degree in English (Florida Atlantic University) and a Master's degree and PhD in English Literature (University of Massachusetts Amherst). I also have 9 years of experience teaching Shakespeare, Modern Drama, and College Writing at UMass Amherst & Smith College. If you're into this sort of thing, my PhD dissertation was titled, "Tragicomic Transpositions: The Influence of Spanish Prose Romance on Early Modern English Tragicomedy." For many years, I thought I would become a professor and continue my research on 17th-century drama. While fully immersed in the academic world, my heart started calling me in another direction, so I became certified in Reiki, Angel Therapy, the Akashic Records, and Intuitive Healing. Once I completed my PhD, I started doing spiritual work full-time. Best decision I ever made!  

You deserve freedom, happiness, abundance, and health on all levels of your being.

Are you ready to heal old wounds, traumas, and limiting beliefs?

Ready to turn your sensitivity into an asset rather than a burden?

​I would love to walk with you as a guide, as a healer, as someone who's been where you are, as a fellow highly sensitive woman.

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