About Me

I believe in your ability to heal... from wherever you are today.

I help empathic & highly sensitive women transcend their limitations, create healthy boundaries, heal old wounds, and step into their authentic power.


Josephine Hardman, PhD

Hi, I'm Josephine. I'm a second generation intuitive healer, Tarot and Akashic Records reader, and spiritual teacher.

My work is based on these sacred principles:

  • Your natural condition is freedom, abundance, and well-being -- and you have the power to return there from wherever you are.
  • Your intuition, sensitivity, and other inherent qualities are positive and can be turned into powerful assets.
  • You have the right to speak your mind, be who you are, and do what you love without having to explain yourself.
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I spent 10 years in academia before transitioning into a full-time spiritual practice. I completed a PhD program in English Literature and wrote my dissertation on 17th century English stage tragicomedy (a mouthful, I know!). Teaching college for a decade prepared me to teach spiritual workshops and lead groups at Purefield. My recent workshop offerings include A Course in Miracles, Energy Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Tarot for Healing, Launching & Growing a Spiritual Business, and the Akashic Records School.


PhD in English Literature
Reiki Practitioner Level II
Angel Guide Certification
Akashic Records Certification
Spiritual & Intuitive Healer Certification

My Story

Intuitive healing is in my blood.

My mother has always been a seeker and healer. She has been a psychotherapist, meditation coach, sacred geometry artist, energy worker, medium, and spiritual teacher for over 30 years. She received channeled guidance in the early 2000's to establish Purefield as a spiritual sanctuary and healing center in Florida.

Why that name? Purefield refers to the field of energy that surrounds and interpenetrates all of us; the field through which we are all connected. In energy medicine, this field is also known as the "field of pure potentiality," the "zero-point field," and the "quantum field." It is a place of oneness, wholeness, and total freedom -- a place where all things are possible. Through inner work and consistent alignment, we can return to that place and heal any and all aspects of ourselves.

I am now part of the Purefield mission, carrying that maternal legacy but foregrounding my own skills and approach. I offer Tarot, Akashic Records, and spiritual mentoring because they best serve the women I work with.

I've been a long-time seeker as well, from dabbling in meditation as a teenager, to reading A Course in Miracles in my early 20's, to becoming trained in Akashic Records, angel therapy, Reiki, and energy medicine before I turned 30.

I was challenged in my 20's with a physical condition that conventional medicine couldn't heal.

So I had to walk the talk and use all the healing approaches I was learning to heal myself.

My process started with identifying and transforming the destructive thoughts that dominated my daily life:

"I'm not good enough."

"I can't believe I did/said that -- I'm so stupid."

"I'm ugly."

"What do they think of me?"

"I should've done more/better."

"That wasn't perfect."

"What will I do if [catastrophic outcome] happens?"

Over time, I replaced my internal dialogue with kinder, gentler, more uplifting thoughts. Today I am my own powerful ally, I stand up and show up for myself, and I create healthy boundaries between me and the external world (including other people's demands).

I use everything I teach to empower and nourish myself every day. I've learned that true healing must start with an expansion of consciousness, and from there it ripples out into our cells, into our bodies, into our lives.

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In my clients' words...

I create a safe space for you to be truly yourself, to explore what's working and what's not working in your life - your light and your shadow - and to move into a higher consciousness and state of being.


You deserve freedom, happiness, abundance, and health on all levels of your being.

Are you ready to tell a new story about yourself and your life?

Ready to heal old wounds, traumas, and hindering beliefs?

Ready to turn your natural qualities into assets rather than burdens?

​I would love to walk with you, as a mentor, as a guide, as a healer, as someone who's been where you are, as a fellow soul on this human journey.

It's my pleasure and privilege to help you carve a path back to yourself - back to the place where things come easily, and there isn't as much resistance, and where you feel powerful and connected to Source.