The Powerfully Sensitive Program

As a highly sensitive person (or an empath), you:

  • process information in really deep, nuanced ways
  • reach sensory overload from external stimulation (loud noises, bright lights, crowds) faster than other people
  • experience intense emotional reactions to life
  • have deep empathy for others, often feeling their emotions
  • are able to sense subtleties and details that other people just didn't pick up on

You might also have a difficult time with your high sensitivity. You might even see it as a PROBLEM.

You might feel flawed. Abnormal. Different. Weird.

You might believe that your feelings are too much, probably because people told you so growing up.

"You're too sensitive."
"You're a drama queen."
"You're exaggerating."
"You're so touchy."
"Get over it!"

It's likely that you often heard these words as a child and teenager. You might still hear them sometimes, inside your head (these ideas are reinforced by a culture that doesn't fully value or understand sensitivity).

Have you been afraid of making others uncomfortable with the intensity of your feelings?

Have you been afraid of being TOO PRESENT - too loud, too passionate, too eager, too intense?

Are you also exhausted?

Exhausted from trying to manage your feelings.
Exhausted from responding so deeply to everything.
Exhausted from feeling embarrassed.
Exhausted from dreading social events, holidays, dinners, and having to go out into the world.
Exhausted from being emotionally and physically overwhelmed.
Exhausted from trying to make up excuses to not have to do things you know would exhaust you even more.
Exhausted from the cycle of rumination and overthinking that comes after every interaction, event, or conversation.

Yup, I've been there, too.

I bet you've tried to COPE however you can. (Of course, it doesn't help that we're never taught how to care for our sensitive nature - not by our parents, or school, or society.)

I bet you've made yourself smaller to avoid making others uncomfortable.
Suppressed your feelings.
Tried to keep up with the less sensitive people in your life.
Tried to be less emotional, putting on a stoic mask or pretending certain things don't affect you as much as they do.
Tried to NUMB your feelings with ice cream, chocolate, cookies, wine (or all of the above).

Are you sick of the cycle of dreading an event - going to said event & getting drained - ruminating on said event for hours at home?

Yup, I was there, too.

But what if your sensitivity is not a curse, a problem, or something to be "fixed"? 

In fact, your sensitivity has a purpose. It's NOT a curse or even a "neutral trait." It's actually a gift.

Your sensitivity is what has made you a SEEKER. It's directly connected to your intuition and to your Soul Purpose. 

And I bet - in fact, I know - that there are other gifts lying dormant behind your sensitivity.

So, what if you could...

  • fully understand your high sensitivity and how to work with it (rather than against it)?
  • reframe old beliefs and CLEAR OUT the beliefs and baggage you've taken on from other people?
  • begin differentiating your energy and emotions from the energy and emotions of other people?
  • set clear BOUNDARIES and enforce them when needed?
  • say “yes” and “no” from an authentic, empowered, honest place (without needing to justify yourself)?
  • become your own advocate and ally?
  • no longer dread every event, phone call, birthday party, or family vacation?
  • understand how to care for your sensitive needs and learn practical tools to protect your energy?
  • no longer feel alone or weird or wrong about being highly sensitive or empathic?

If you're ready to make this journey, I invite you to join my Powerfully Sensitive Program.

About the program

In the Powerfully Sensitive Program, we'll embark on a healing and transformative journey designed for sensitive, intuitive, and
empathic women - women like you.

You will:

  • shift from overwhelm to empowerment
  • learn about the latest research on high sensitivity
  • learn emotional regulation + self-soothing techniques
  • learn tools for reducing sensory overload
  • learn how to set + enforce healthy boundaries
  • heal chronic overstimulation
  • heal your wounded inner child + inner teenager
  • understand your sensitivity from a spiritual perspective (and your important role in a collective wave of awakening)
  • cultivate a deep sense of belonging in a non-judgmental, supportive community of highly sensitive women
  • begin exploring your powerful gifts and how you can use them to contribute to the world



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