Monday Mantra: I take nothing personally.

Mondays are no picnic. Heading into a brand new week can make us feel stressed in all sorts of ways: emotionally, financially, spiritually, psychologically, maybe even physically (depending on how you spent your weekend!).

This is why I decided to kick off this brand new Monday Mantra series to make the beginning of the week a bit less painful and a bit more… shall we say, peaceful?

It’s simple: every Monday, I give you a mantra or affirmation to contemplate throughout your day and to carry into your week. What can you do with this affirmation? Here are some examples:

  • Call up the mantra whenever you feel stressed, un-grounded, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed. (Even better if you can breathe deeply as you do this.)
  • Repeat the mantra when you wake up, go to bed, and before (and after!) any stressful situations.
  • Write the mantra on a giant post-it, or lots of little post-its, and put them in visible places: your dashboard, your fridge, your bathroom mirror, your nightstand, your computer, your desk.
  • If you’re inclined to do some kindness activism: spread the word and send the mantra to a friend who’s been going through a tough time. It will show them you care and you’ve been thinking of them.

Easy enough. A little tip: I sometimes take a black pen and draw a tiny “X” on the back of my left hand. Whenever I look down and see that X throughout the day, I repeat the mantra silently. This has been fool-proof for me! Until I shower, of course, and the X rubs off. But I just draw it again the next day.

So, without further delaying, our mantra or affirmation is:


I take nothing personally.


This might seem like a strange or vague statement at first. But it really isn’t. It’s about recognizing that you don’t have to take anything personally. Why not?

Because you’re not just a personality, you’re not just a mortal human, you’re also — primarily! — an infinite soul. And you have incarnated here during this lifetime to fulfill a particular divine mission. Your soul mission.

Spirit (or Source/God/Goddess) wants you to succeed and is with you all the way, 24/7. And Spirit takes nothing personally! Spirit isn’t offended if someone doesn’t “like” you or doesn’t want to work with you or doesn’t quite get you or doesn’t reply to your texts/emails. Spirit is never offended or discouraged. Spirit just keeps being Spirit, up there in the great big mysterious vortex of creation. Spirit just keeps laughing joyfully in total freedom and peace.

And Spirit wants you to embody these same qualities. Spirit wants you to do the work you’re meant to do here on Earth as successfully and joyfully as you can. Spirit wants you to reach as many people as possible. Spirit wants you to take risks and step beyond your comfort zone.

In order to do all of these things — to take risks, to try something new, to call someone you’ve wanted to connect with for a long time, to start a blog (like this one!), to get your yoga certification — you need to stop taking things personally.

Because when you take risks, some people won’t respond the way you want them to. They won’t get what you’re doing. Or they will put you down. Or they won’t come to your first workshop. Or they won’t subscribe to your blog. And that’s ok! Because thousands of other people will get you, and support you, and learn from you, and attend every workshop you offer, and read every article you post.

The ultimate message for today is that not everyone will love you, or like you, or want to work with you, or want to be in your life. However, this doesn’t mean that you should cower down and stop trying new things out of fear of rejection, failure, or abandonment. Spirit doesn’t want you to give up! Spirit wants you to fulfill your divine mission and keep going.

Therefore, remember to speak the words “I take nothing personally.” You can also add the affirmations: “I do Spirit’s work” or “I work on behalf of Spirit.” This gets your ego out of the way (that fragile ego — so easily bruised!) and gives you the courage, expansiveness, and determination to continue doing your work and being authentically yourself.

Have a joyous, peaceful, powerful, aligned Monday!

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