A Quick Guide to Launching Your Spiritual Business

Human beings are waking up. As a species, we’re experiencing unprecedented waves of spiritual awakening. More than ever before, people are actively looking for spiritual guidance, enlightenment, and answers to deep questions.

If your heart has been leading you towards the path of establishing your own spiritual business to assist these awakening souls, now is the perfect time to clarify and manifest your mission. But how?

Starting a spiritual business is really not that different from starting any other kind of business — at least in the sense that you need a business plan, a clear vision, quarterly goals and strategies for achieving them, an online platform or presence, business cards, and so on. Of course, developing a spiritual business — or any business that’s in alignment with your soul — should also be an exciting, expansive, magical, and fulfilling endeavor.

So where should you start?

I speak from my own personal experience as a spiritual entrepreneur, but I truly believe that these 4 essential tips will apply to you and your situation as well. Trying to “force” or jump-start a business through lots of external actions, busy-ness, and struggle will never work. Or, it might work but only for a little while and it won’t be very rewarding or pleasurable.

You need to get all the internal pieces in place before you jump into taking any actions in the external world. Here are 4 fundamental ways for doing so. Let’s dive in!

Clarify Your Mission & Vision

You can’t get anywhere unless you’re intimately familiar with your mission (your WHY) and your vision (how your WHY will manifest in the world). Your WHY is the reason you want to assist others in their journey of awakening. What drives you to do this work? Is it your personal story? Do you want to help other people avoid a negative experience? Do you want to help them reclaim their own power? Or find their voice? Or navigate life after a major change? Be sure to identify your WHY — your driving force — because this WHY will keep you going when things get hard or slow or when you hit a roadblock.

You also want to think about how your WHY will look like in the world. Will you work with people one-on-one? Will you offer courses or seminars? Will you work with groups? How will you offer your assistance and expertise? Your answers don’t have to be definitive right now, but having a clearer sense of your mission & vision will pave the way for manifesting the business of your dreams. Remember: the universe always hears and responds to your predominant vibration — so make your vibration one of success, excitement, and positive momentum!

Decide Who You Want to Help

Maybe you want to help people reclaim their own power. Beautiful. But is there a specific demographic you see yourself working with? Is it men? Women? Young adults? Families? You can also brainstorm other details about your ideal client to draw a vivid picture of who they are and what they need:

  • age: how old are they?
  • profession: what do they do for work?
  • hobbies: what do they do for fun?
  • relationship status: are they single, divorced, married?
  • family status: do they have babies, toddlers, teenagers, or grown children? do they live with any other family members?
  • value system: what do they value above all else? what’s important to them?
  • problems: what are their main issues, obstacles, or challenges?

Decide How You Want to Help

This element is tied to your vision (see #1 above), but it’s even more detailed. Start thinking about how you will deliver your assistance and guidance to your clients. Will you see individual clients at your home, in your office, over the phone, via Skype or Zoom? There are many possibilities for connecting with clients, so consider each format and choose the ones that most resonate with you. (And keep an open mind — I thought I’d never be able to offer Tarot readings over the phone, but it’s surprisingly effective and powerful!).

Also consider the modalities and approaches you already know (or are certified in) and the kinds of work you want to do. Will you offer bodywork, Reiki, mediumship readings, Tarot readings, Akashic Record readings, hands-on healing, intuitive coaching? Depending on your expertise, you will need to adjust your method of delivery: if you offer healing massage, you will need to see clients physically, but if you offer intuitive coaching you can schedule sessions over the phone or Zoom.

Work on Your Internal Alignment & Release Any Blocks

Above all, the best advice I can give you is to take time (in fact, schedule time!) to work on your internal stuff. We all carry some baggage, including crazy beliefs and irrational, self-sabotaging patterns. Some of us procrastinate to avoid failure (and to avoid success, believe it or not). Some of us over-work ourselves because we think it will protect us from uncertainty. Some of us sabotage ourselves as soon as we experience a little bit of success, perhaps because we fear being visible or because we grew up with parents who always put us down. Some of us don’t inherently believe that we deserve to have financial abundance, so we create all kinds of money obstacles for ourselves — maybe we charge too little, or we compulsively give away free sessions.

It’s best to address your internal landscape before you start taking external actions for your business. (Or at least alongside your external actions.) Excavate your irrational beliefs, write them down, and burn them. Go to a healer to release any vows of poverty or scarcity you made in a past life. Fill up your journal with vivid descriptions of your dream business, your mission, your desires, and what your ideal day as a spiritual entrepreneur looks like. See yourself running your business. See your clients flocking to you, asking for and valuing your services. See the spiritual and financial rewards of your aligned work coming to fruition.


Only then — after completing these 4 foundational steps — will you be ready to start taking external actions, like building a website, hiring a marketing team, or ordering business cards. Tending to your inner landscape must be an integral part of your business development, so don’t forget to schedule regular meditation, journaling, and healing work in your calendar. Your business will flow more effortlessly and experience a million times more success!

If you’re feeling stuck or frustrated because your business isn’t growing as fast as you know it could, I invite you to book a free discovery call with me here. Let’s figure this out together!

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