20 Spiritual Affirmations for Fear and Anxiety

Spiritual affirmations can help you cope with everyday anxiety and fear, which can be pervasive and sometimes even paralyzing. I know this because I have dealt with fear and anxiety myself. I have tossed and turned at 3am with thoughts of doom and gloom, worst-case scenarios, and visions of catastrophes ripping through my life. Fortunately, none of these worst-case scenarios have ever actually materialized. (They rarely do!) Yet for many years I continued to dwell mentally on these fear-based visions — shall we say, nightmares? — of the future.

I have found, over time and working with other people, that our fearful responses to life are usually based on some form of lack of trust. When we don’t trust ourselves, the Universe, our Spirit Guides, our intuition — well, it’s pretty damn near impossible to not be afraid and anxious about life.

The 20 spiritual affirmations in this post will help you remember the Truth (capital T!) about yourself and the Universe. They will help pull you out of fear, anxiety, and obsessive worry so you can shift out of that downward spiral. They will help you reconnect to your wise intuition, deep sense of knowing, and trust in your own abilities and resources and in the Universe’s benevolent assistance for you.

First things first: as you probably know, affirmations don’t work if you’re just repeating the words but not feeling them. The Universe listens to your vibration and your emotions more than it listens to your words. This is why it’s so important to back up the words you speak (and the thoughts you think) with the right emotions.

In this case, it would be awfully difficult to move straight from fearful feelings — those feelings of dread, vulnerability, negative anticipation, a sick feeling in your stomach — to uplifting and joyful feelings. Your work is to move just a little bit beyond the fear into a glimmer of hope, or a small recognition that the fear isn’t really you, or even just a state of neutrality.

By “neutrality” I mean getting to a place where you can react to life neutrally, instead of with a primordial fearful response. Responding neutrally to life means observing an event and saying to yourself: “ok — interesting. How did this come about?” Or noticing that you’re conjuring up a worst-case scenario in your head and being able to say, “oops — there I go into fear mode again. Objectively, is there something to be afraid of here?”

As you do this work of shifting your vibration, your thoughts, and your responses to life, using daily affirmations can help support you. Try to feel these words as much as possible. Close your eyes and really focus on what you’re speaking. Feel the words in your heart. Allow the relief, peace, and hope they bring wash over you. Cultivate those emotions instead of the fear, worry, and chronic nervousness.

The Affirmations

  1. This fear/anxiety is not really me. The real me is calm, peaceful, centered, and powerful.
  2. This anxiety is uncomfortable but it will not kill me. I can get through this.
  3. This fear/anxiety shall pass. This is a temporary feeling.
  4. My nervous system has been overstimulated, and that’s why I’m experiencing anxiety right now. All I need to do is breathe deeply and soothe my nervous system.
  5. I’m doing the best I can from where I am right now.
  6. This anxiety/fear reminds me of my humanity. It’s ok to be human.
  7. This anxiety/fear connects me to all other beings who have experienced these feelings. I bless them and send them light. [sometimes focusing on something outside yourself is the best way to move beyond the uncomfortable feelings]
  8. This anxiety/fear is a primordial response. I’m bigger than this.
  9. Aah, the anxiety is back. What is it trying to teach me this time? [more than an affirmation, this one actually encourages you to dialogue with your anxiety instead of pushing it away or numbing it with addictive behaviors] 1
  10. It’s ok to be afraid, even if the fear is irrational. I can breathe through this.
  11. I am an infinite being of light, limitless in power and in peace. [adapted from A Course in Miracles]
  12. I trust in the Universe’s benevolent plan for me.
  13. I trust in my internal and external resources. I am infinitely supported.
  14. I am divinely guided, inspired, and protected at all times.
  15. I am a genius creator who can manifest anything. A little (or even a lot of) fear/anxiety will not stop me.
  16. My vibration is primarily joyful, peaceful, and centered. It’s ok to experience some fear and anxiety — they will not derail my progress.
  17. I am more powerful than these feelings, which are transitory.
  18. My fear/anxiety comes from my ego. I am bigger and broader than my ego.
  19. My anxiety/fear reminds me of the work I still need to do. I am thankful for this reminder.
  20. I can do anything, and I can release anything I no longer want. [adapted from Abraham Hicks]

Use these affirmations daily. Carry them in your purse or pockets, write them on Post-Its and hang them up everywhere, create artwork that incorporates these words and display it in your home or office. Another great idea is to write down each affirmation on a separate index card and keep these cards on your nightstand or next to your meditation chair. Speak one or a few of the affirmations right before bed and before/after you meditate.

In no time at all, these words will become second nature to you and they will help to smooth out any feelings of fear or anxiety that arise.

With love,

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