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My name is Josephine and I'm a second-generation intuitive healer. My soul mission is to assist you on your journey of awakening and help you return to harmony and abundance from wherever you are. I specialize in working with highly sensitive & empathic women, because I am one. (You can read my story here.)


Are you empathic or highly sensitive?

You might already identify as either an empath or as a highly sensitive person (or both, since they tend to overlap). If you're unsure, read through this list and see if it resonates:

  • you're instantly aware of the energy in the room and (sometimes) take it upon yourself to keep everyone happy
  • you are sensitive to stress and often feel it in your body, especially if you're tired or overworked
  • you feel a connection to the divine (Source, God, Goddess, Spirit Guides)
  • you can sense or perceive a spiritual reality that exists beyond our material world
  • you think about how others perceive you and sometimes fear rejection
  • you are very considerate and attuned to others' feelings
  • you feel uncomfortable in crowds and chaotic environments
  • you are easily over-stimulated by loud sounds, bright lights, and strong scents
  • you need to take breaks in between activities to unwind -- if you're overbooked or doing too much at once, you get cranky, irritable, and emotional
  • you feel others' pain deeply and can't handle watching/hearing negative news in the media.

So let's work together to...

  • identify any blocks that are holding you back and transcend them

  • transform your inner critic into an inner ally

  • establish a daily practice of self-care, intuitive development, and spiritual connection

  • develop coping strategies for stress, tension, and anxiety (especially when you're in overstimulating situations)

  • let go of caring about others' perceptions of you

  • put yourself first (it's not selfish, I promise!)

  • protect yourself energetically and physically when you go out into the world

  • use your gifts to heal yourself and assist others in your unique, powerful way

  • align your daily life and work with your soul mission.


What I Offer

My toolkit includes Tarot, the Akashic Records, and Intuitive Healing & Coaching. No two sessions are alike, since they are tailored precisely to where you are.

Above all, I create a safe space for you to be truly yourself, to explore what's working and what's not working in your life - your light and your shadow - and to move into a higher consciousness and state of being.

Akashic Records

60 and 75 minute sessions

Ideal for healing long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and for identifying the origins of issues in your current lifetime.

Intuitive Healing and Coaching

60 and 75 minute sessions

An intuitive healing session can help you release trauma, overcome challenges, soothe your nervous system, and move to a higher level of consciousness and vibration.


30 and 60 minute sessions

Get clarity, ask pressing questions, and confirm you're on the right path through the ancient divinatory system of the Tarot.


Discovery Call

If your heart is calling you in this direction but you want to make sure we'd be a good fit working together, I invite you to request a 15-minute discovery call over the phone or online via Zoom/Skype. Let's connect to talk about where you are and what you're looking for. No strings attached.

"Thriving is what was meant for us on this earth. Thriving, not just surviving, is our birthright as women."

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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