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My name is Josephine and I'm a second-generation intuitive healer.

My soul mission is to help you recognize the power, beauty, and greatness within yourself and to make your life more meaningful.
(You can read my full story here.)

intuitive healing

I'm guessing you're here because you are...

  • self-aware + spiritually awake

  • highly sensitive (you feel things deeply and tend to take things personally - I do this, too!)
  • an internalizer (you tend to blame yourself when things go wrong and you sometimes internalize other people's feelings/belief systems)
  • sick of being stuck in shame + unworthiness
  • ready to do REAL spiritual + healing work
  • ready to live out of your Higher Self rather than your ego
  • ready to stop telling limiting stories about yourself (or believe the old, limiting stories other people taught you)
  • ready to non-judgmentally explore your shadows, unhelpful patterns, limiting mindset, and anything else that might be causing suffering in your life
  • ready to rediscover your authentic self, embody your Divine Essence, and express your Divine Purpose in this lifetime

What I bring to a session...

  • non-judgmental presence
  • a supportive space to explore your shadows + your light
  • a collaborative environment to co-create healing together
  • a nurturing yet no-BS approach that will challenge you to delve deeper wherever needed
  • a blend of spiritual insights + practical suggestions for you to move forward powerfully
  • my expertise in energy work, spirituality, transformational self-development, and intuitive healing
intuitive healer

Session Types

In my one-on-one client work, I offer Akashic Records sessions and Intuitive Healing & Coaching for Highly Sensitive Women.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are an archive of information about your soul's journey. This type of reading is ideal for identifying your soul mission and purpose in this lifetime. We can also heal long-standing patterns, karmic relationships, past life contracts and vows, limiting beliefs & behaviors, and figure out the causes of issues in your current lifetime.

Sacred Soul Work Reading

In this powerful 75-minute reading, we'll combine the Akashic Records + the Tarot to identify your Sacred Soul Work, which is the work you're meant to do in this lifetime. Aligning with your Sacred Soul Work can open doorways to new opportunities, meaningful work, greater fulfillment with your life, and increased abundance.


Intuitive Healing & Coaching for Highly Sensitive Women

Being highly sensitive in our non-sensitive world can feel like being a raw nerve. My sessions for highly sensitive women are focused on healing chronic overstimulation and sensory overload, healing your sensitive inner child, implementing tools to protect your energy + space, and healing feelings of not belonging and shame about your high sensitivity.

Discovery Call

If your heart is calling you in this direction but you want to make sure we'd be a good fit working together, I invite you to schedule a 15-minute discovery call over the phone or online via Zoom or Skype. No strings attached.

"Thriving is what was meant for us on this earth. Thriving, not just surviving, is our birthright as women."

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Kind words from clients & students

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