Intuitive Healing + Coaching for Highly Sensitive Women

Being highly sensitive in our non-sensitive world can feel like being a raw nerve.

As an HSP, you feel things deeply, notice subtleties in the environment, and become easily overwhelmed by crowds, noise, too many activities at once, and highly stimulating environments.

My sessions for highly sensitive women are focused on healing chronic overstimulation and sensory overload, healing your sensitive inner child, implementing tools to protect your energy + space, and healing feelings of not belonging and shame about your high sensitivity.

"The highly sensitive person has a finely tuned nervous system and is adversely affected by a fast-paced and aggressive society. HSPs tend to process sensory stimuli more deeply than most people. It can be both an enjoyable and a challenging trait to have."

~ Ted Zeff, Ph.D.

highly sensitive person

What does it mean to be a highly sensitive person?

Sensitivity exists on a spectrum. Some people are not sensitive at all, while others are somewhere in the middle, and others are highly sensitive.

Those of us on the highly sensitive end of the spectrum typically experience four common traits, as defined by Dr. Elaine Aron (I highly recommend her book, pictured on the left). These traits include:

(1) thinking deeply 
(2) being easily overstimulated
(3) feeling emotions, pain, and empathy intensely
(4) noticing subtleties and details that other people just don't see.

Highly sensitive people make up 20% of the population in every country. HSPs can find it challenging to filter external stimuli and can become easily overwhelmed by noise, bright lights, crowds, multitasking, and time pressures.

Andre Solo powerfully expresses both the gifts and challenges of the highly sensitive person in these words: "Highly sensitive people hear nearly every sound, notice every moment, and process the expression on every person's face. And that means that simply walking through a public space can be an assault on their senses." 

Healing & reclaiming your sensitivity

Growing up highly sensitive, you might have heard messages like:

"Don't be so sensitive."
"You're too emotional."
"You're a drama queen."
"You're too quiet/shy."
"Don't take things so personally!"

(I heard these things, too. You can read more of my story as an HSP here.) 

You might have also felt weird, different, abnormal, or like an alien in the world.

Especially if you experienced mis-attunement with your parents - meaning that they weren't able to fully see, acknowledge, or honor your sensitivity - your adult self might still be carrying some of the wounds of your sensitive inner child.

As HSPs, we don't get a "manual" telling us how to interact and BE in the world while avoiding burnout, exhaustion, and chronic overstimulation. This is where intuitive healing & coaching can help.

What is intuitive healing?

Intuitive healing is the art and skill of facilitating a person’s healing and return to wholeness on all levels of being: emotional, physical, psychological, mental, and spiritual.

This work happens collaboratively between the healer (who is ultimately a channel or vehicle for Spirit to come through) and the client, as we create meaning together, make sense of where you are right now, and help you transcend any limitations or roadblocks you’re currently facing.

What happens during this type of session?

Many things can happen. Since we’ll be tapping into intuitive wisdom to guide the session, no two sessions will ever look the same.

My sessions are tailored specifically for highly sensitive women, so we'll focus on addressing issues such as:

  • healing chronic overstimulation & sensory overload
  • setting up healthy boundaries (physically, emotionally, and energetically)
  • saying "yes" and "no" from an authentic, empowered place
  • healing your sensitive inner child
  • reclaiming your sensitivity as a powerful asset, rather than a burden or issue that needs to be "fixed"
  • healing shame, embarrassment, and feelings of not belonging
  • healing hypervigilance and the feeling of being "on edge" all the time
  • discovering the Divine Gifts that lay dormant behind your sensitivity (such as your intuition, ability to connect to Source energy, ability to perceive extra-sensory information, ability to powerfully serve others, etc)

During the session, we’ll use a range of tools including conversation, energy work, experiential exercises, tapping into physical sensations, and clearing out and balancing your energy field.

Intuitive healing sessions work best when you’re open to whatever arises in the moment and willing to follow intuitive guidance about where to go next.

How many sessions will I need to heal?

Healing is an ongoing journey, rather than a destination (at least while we're incarnated in physical bodies). In some cases, we can go really deep in one session and bring about the clarity, insights, or energy shifts needed to transform your issue.

If you're moved to deepen and sustain your healing over time, I offer packages at discounted rates for ongoing clients. You can ask about these through the contact form on this site.

What is your intuitive healing background or tradition?

I first started working with energy through Reiki, which is a common "gateway" practice for many energy healers. I became a certified Reiki practitioner in 2008. I also completed a six-month Intuitive & Spiritual Healer training program in 2017 at Sanctuary Healing Arts in Amherst, MA. This included training in Matrix Energetics, which is the primary energy modality I use today.

In addition to energy work, I use the Tarot and Akashic Records as additional modalities to access universal wisdom and support my clients in their quest for healing and spiritual connection.

Not sure what your next step is?
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