Sacred Soul Work Readings

Your Sacred Soul Work is the work you're meant to do in this lifetime. It's part of your Soul's blueprint, and it is fully aligned with who you are. Identifying your Sacred Soul Work is like finally coming home - it feels energizing, meaningful, and like you can finally do what you were meant to be doing all along.

Aligning with your Sacred Soul Work can open doorways to new opportunities, meaningful work, greater fulfillment with your life, and increased abundance.

Doing your Sacred Soul Work can unlock new possibilities, doorways, and sources of income doing something that fulfills your Soul and allows you to contribute meaningfully to the world.

Sacred Soul Work readings

What does "Sacred Soul Work" mean?

In spiritual and self-development circles, we often hear the term "life purpose." This is limited, however, because I've found that our life purpose changes throughout our lifetimes. Just as we grow and evolve, so does our life purpose. It's not static.

So, to go deeper, I define "life purpose" as something more meaningful and expansive: Sacred Soul Work. This is the work you're meant to do in this lifetime, and it might encompass a number of different purposes that change as you evolve spiritually throughout your life.

The key qualities of your Sacred Soul Work include:

  • it feels totally aligned with who you really are
  • it's tied to your Soul's blueprint and mission in this lifetime
  • once you identify what it is, it feels like coming home and finally being able to do what you were always meant to do
  • it has an element of being of service to others (whether it's other people, animals, or the environment)
  • doing it feels much more effortless than any other work you've done before
  • you get to do it using your natural talents, gifts, and abilities
  • it can unlock new doorways and opportunities 
  • it nourishes your Soul while also serving as a source of abundance in your life.

What happens during the reading?

In a Sacred Soul Work reading, I work with both the Akashic Records and the Tarot. By combining these to modalities, we can go really deep and receive powerful insights about the work your Soul is calling you to do.

This is a 75-minute reading to allow for a full exploration of your Sacred Soul Work and how you can begin to do this work in your life. We'll connect to the Akashic Records (you can learn more about the Records here) and use a custom Tarot spread to answer a specific set of questions, such as "What gifts lay dormant within me?" and "How can I play bigger in my life?" 

What kind of information comes through?

Of course, this is different for each person. Generally, in this type of reading we'll access guidance about your Soul's path and where you currently are in your evolutionary journey.

We'll also explore the kind of work that's most aligned with your Divine Essence (i.e., who you truly are), any hidden gifts that need to be activated within you, how those gifts can be used to help others, where you're currently playing small in your life, and what you can do to play bigger.

All of these questions - plus any specific questions you bring - will help us paint a clear picture of your Sacred Soul Work and how you can start embodying that work right now.

I invite you to bring questions about your current work/job and whether it's aligned with you, or how you can make your current work *more* aligned with who you really are at your core essence.

Should I take notes during my reading?

I invite you to take notes if you wish (many people are able to process and absorb information better that way). However, I will also send you a photo of your Tarot spread and an audio recording of the reading so you can listen to it again later. This is all included in the reading fee.

Not sure what your next step is?
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If your heart is calling you in this direction but you want to make sure we'd be a good fit working together, I invite you to schedule a 15-minute discovery call over the phone or online via Zoom or Skype. No strings attached.

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